Does Obamacare Restrict Insurance Companies' Profits?

  • Obamacare Restricts Insurance Profits

    Without a doubt, insurance companies will see their profits hurt thanks to Obamacare, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Insurers can't disqualify most people from coverage, and covering people who have pre-existing conditions will impact profits by a noticeable amount. Still, insuring everyone in the country is more important than corporate profits.

  • Yes, and it should.

    Yes, Obamacare has been designed to deliberately limit insurance companies' profits. There is no governing body to determine what health care costs. Patients could be paying 99% to the insurance company and only 1% on their actual health care expense. This partially lead to extremely high health care costs. Under Obamacare insurance companies have to put the bulk of the money given to them towards the actual cost of health care.

  • Obamacare Doesn't Restrict Profit

    Obamacare doesn't prohibit insurance companies from making profits. In fact, Obamacare was enacted without even taking into consideration the fact that the health care costs in America are highly inflated. This is an issue that should have been taken care of, within the bill. Since insurance companies hold down some of the costs health care providers can charge, it will more than likely restrict the profits of health care providers and allow the insurance companies to profit even more.

  • Companies Can Still Offer Great Plans

    The Affordable Care Act doesn't restrict the profits of insurance companies. If anything, insurance companies will make more money when more people have coverage. Just because people have coverage doesn't mean everyone uses health insurance. Companies will make a lot more money because the previously uninsured number in the tens of millions. Talk about a stimulus plan!

  • Obamacare does not restrict insurance companies' profits.

    Obamacare does not restrict insurance companies' profits. The only provision in the health care law is that the insurance company spend 80% of the income on the patients. They rake in the other 20% for profits. Otherwise, the insurance companies are all about the profits and they will continue to rake in as much as they can.

  • The Affordable Care Act does not restrict profits

    I think that the Affordable Care Act does not restrict profits for insurance companies. Actually I think that it makes them the same amount of money if not more. Now everybody HAS to have insurance, whereas before many people would choose not to carry any sort of insurance. So I don't agree.

  • Obamacare Should Increase Insurance Company Profits

    By forcing those that do not want, need or use health insurance to pay premiums, Obamacare is putting money directly into the pockets of insurance companies. When people have insurance that they do not use, insurance companies keep the money. Just forcing someone to purchase insurance will not change their behavior with regard to seeking medical treatment, so it is likely that the newly and forcibly insured will not actually use the coverage anyway and the companies will profit.

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