Does Obama's election prove that the USA is not racist?

  • We are not racist

    I am not racist, so if America was racist and I am American, but am not racist, therefore America is not racist. Also I know this website is biased, you are telling me no person has ever said we are not racist on here? I am know you will not count my vote either, just to prove something.

  • Its Reverse Racism

    No it proves we are racist. Not being racist would imply equal treatment. Obama obviously was treated better due to his race, and anyone who didn't like him was ostracized for being "racist". He had very suspicious qualifications and back story that he himself wrote about (such as admitting he hates white people).

  • Quite the opposite

    Obama's election proves that Americans are racist. A white politician would never have gotten as much support given his record and ties. He was given a pass on going to and lying about a racist church. He was given a pass on having close to ties to a terrorists and a pass about lying about it. He was given a pass for belonging to a very corrupt organization: ACORN. No one questioned he ties to Tony Rezko who helped him buy his home who has been convicted of corruption. If he was white and had ties to racism, terrorism, and corruption with no record. Obama purposely did nothing in the senate so that he would not have anything to hold against him. He's a gutter politician but no one has sen it because he's black and doesn't sound like a complete moron i.e. Al Sharpton.

    The fact is the media was so infatuated with his skin color that no one cared about his past. Him being elected that America is very telling of are Affirmative Action mindset. That we shouldn't be judged equally that black is better than white. It's a very racist country indeed.

  • Uh no

    97% of African Americans in the first election and 93% of African Americans in the second election voted for him. I do not think that anybody can say these people voted for him for the right reasons. If it was 60 or 70 percent maybe but not with numbers that high.

  • The US wasn't racist in the first place.

    While re-electing Obama as president is a large step forward for the United States, it doesn't prove that the country as a whole isn't racist. That would imply that the country was racist in the first place, and suggesting that is just pure ignorance or hatred. A country as large and vast as the USA will have racism and hatred, but that will be outnumbered by the tolerance the majority possess. Claiming otherwise is just stupidity.

  • Obama Being Elected Proves Nothing

    I was happy that Barack Obama was elected and became the first black president, but it proves nothing. There are still millions of racist people in this country. I see and hear Obama being hated and discriminated against because of his race every day. It's sad that people continue to be racist and ignorant.

  • No, it proves he's a gifted politician.

    Obama being elected does not prove that the U.S. is not racist. All it proves is that he's a better politician than Mitt Romney. There are still many racists in the United States, and I doubt will ever be totally free from racism. It's better than it's ever been before, but anyone who thinks we're free from racism in this country is kidding themselves.

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