• Yes the gun control has a good chance

    Yes the gun control plan does have a chance to be passed. It will likely be going through a few changes though before it ever makes it all the way. The plan is not overly sever where compromises can't be made on both sides in order to get it in the books as a law.

  • Yes

    Although I don't want Obama to have a chance on gun control, it seems highly likely that it will happen soon. With all the tragedies happening these few years it is clear that gun control is a problem in this country. Morals and humanity plays a role in this and it seems as people are leading toward this plan lately

  • Yes, it has a chance

    It has a chance primarily because there is no real, definable plan. It is just a hodgepodge of meaningless measures that sound pleasing, but have no honest substance. Whatever gets passed, Obama will claim success, although this success means nothing as far as curbing violence goes. So yes, Obama's plan will get passed, and it won't mean anything.

  • Yes, but it will be difficult.

    Gun control is clearly a hot topic right now, but despite the fact that the majority of Americans support stricter gun control, the gun lobby is still very powerful. It is going to take a fight to bring down the NRA and establish the fact that most American's do not want assault rifles in society.

  • No, Obama's gun control plan does not have a chance.

    No, Obama's gun control plan does not have a chance. I don't think the plan can succeed because of all the lobbyist who will use their money influence to make sure the plane doesn't come to fruition.With the amount of money that is made from guns and gun violence this plan is destined for failure.

  • And it hasn't

    Despite many speeches on the subject, and a few high profile and devastating mass shootings, the current administration has not really done anything substantial in relation to guns; this is not necessarily a bad thing. The Democrat gun control legislation is misguided and would not make a serious effect on the gun violence in the US.

  • Obama's Gun Control Plan Won't Work

    Obama's gun control plan has no chance of resulting in any meaningful legislation. Plus, the American public won't give the plan a chance because it cares about the Second Amendment. Obama needs to craft a less vigorous gun control policy that doesn't encroach too far upon Americans' right to bare arms.

  • Obama's gun control plan does not have a chance.

    Although Obama's plan for gun control is good for the country, it does not have enough support from the country. Pro-gun lobbies are too powerful and they will not allow any further restrictions on the sale and distribution of guns. Unfortunately, more people are going to suffer because of anachronistic gun laws.

  • Sadly it doesn't

    Gun nuts interpret "I think it's bad when children get shot by a lunatic" as "the government is going to take all our guns so they can kick in our front doors and murder us all for absolutely no reason." There is no talking to these people, and there are sadly enough of them to block any gun control changes that people that understand the world around them would happily agree with.

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