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  • Generally people grow wiser over time, As they get older.

    Knowledge by itself is not wisdom. Older people have generally experienced more in life - problems, How to solve them etcetera - than younger people. Older people can give a perspective on life's problems that young people do not have simply because they haven't experience certain things. However, There are individuals who can be wise beyond their years. I believe many grand parents have a lot of wisdom to share with their grand children.

  • Wisdom comes with age!

    I have to argue this point for my debate team and one of the tricks they teach us is; if you don't agree with your side, convince yourself that you are right. So, here is me convincing myself that wisdom comes with age. Wisdom obviously comes with age, not experience!

  • Wise become age

    Because aging means learning more. Also, young people can be wise. But elderly has not only knowing but also experience about something that young people have to encounter. I think elderly have to take a place that can make them advise without arrogance. Without arrogance, everyone can become wise with age.

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    Yes you do. With age, we live a lot of experiences that give you wisdom. With different circumstances we learn how to deal with emotions and how to act correctly with others, we learn who deserves our love and who doesn't, we learn to respect others and yourself, we learn that sometimes we can't get what we want, bad things happen and you may think life is not fair, but it is, life is just teaching us to make us stronger and wiser, because with all of those experiences we grow as a person, making yourself better.

  • Most of the times.

    With age we all grow more wise, maybe not in the same ways, but definitely with new knowledge. Different people gain different wisdom because they have different experiences. I believe that a 10 year old can have more wisdom than a 19 year old that stays home all the time doing nothing. It doesn't matter how old you are, but with more age, more wisdom usually happens.

  • Because age is time, and everything comes with time.

    You are not born with the wisdom that you have today. Everyday you grow slightly more wise and become a different person. You don't necessarily become better, because wisdom does not have to always effect your choices, but you do gain more knowledge of the world and how things work with age. Think about this: are you the same person you were five days ago? I hope not! You must have learned something in those five days that changed you even slightly. It may not make sense to younger people what I am trying to say, but who am I to speak when I am only fourteen? I may be young now, but I do know that as I get older I will gain more knowledge about life, just as everyone else does.

  • Time will give you more time

    A person can go and learn and keep learning even after school but age can be a perspective on how a man can be smart because a man can spend his entire life reading a book rather then skimming it through like most teens do but it gives the man more to think about. Age gives a human time to learn but its what the person chooses to learn that really means anything.

  • Wisdom comes with more than just age- it really comes with attitude.

    You don't have to be 60 years old to be wise. Wisdom is where you actually think like a wise person, no matter what age you are. Sure, a smal child cannot be wise, because he or she does not know much at all about the world. But teenagers are being so exposed to real life in their time that lessons are thrown at them. Not that they always take it. But I, when I was a teenager, was mature enough to think rationally. I thought about double standards, why people feel this or that, or do this or that, I philosophized. And by doing this, one of my best friends called me an owl. And I was only a teenager.

  • Generally, more time experiencing life gives more opportunity to learn.

    It seems fairly straight forward that if one has more time living in one's skin and walking around on planet, earth, we would learn what works and what doesn't in a very broad sense. If an aged person doesn't or hasn't grown in these ways, then he is either dead or addicted. Look to the 60 to 80 year olds who seems settled and at peace for wisdom.

  • NO one does not

    One does not grow wiser just because of age. A person can have all the knowledge in the world and still not be wise. Knowledge usally comes with age as you learn life experiances, Information etc. Therfore one does not become wise with age as a 10 year old coild be wiser than a 70 year old. Look at Jesus for a example it is estimated he lived for 33 years and was wiser than any person ever before at the age of 5.

  • Wisdom does not come with age

    Wisdom is knowledge. To have accessibility to knowledge and to be able to apply knowledge received is what it means to have wisdom. Wisdom also comes with experiences. Different walks of lives that entails different types of hardships. Thus wisdom is gained through experiencing and learning from these hardships as well, Which is NOT subjected to age, Rather individual's walk of life.

  • Stuck in traditions

    Old people tend to be stuck in their ways Andrew adherent to change. Research has shown us that people are less likely to change there mind and value once they reach a certain age. I would say open mindedness and wisdom go hand in hand. Older generation struggle greatly with this concept

  • I say no.

    No. Because you don't need to be old to have wisdom. Experience, Solving life-problems, Etc. Does. Yes older people have experienced more life problems than younger people. But not all of them. Some young people can also give perspectives on life-problems because some of them have experienced more than what you can imagine. It's like you are indirectly saying that older people are better than younger people in a lot of ways. Which is only trur depending on who you are comparing. Like, Let's say for instance. A 5 year old child whose parents were killed right in front of their eyes, Their whole family tortured and killed rught in front of them, A kid who was there when their best friend was killed right in front if them and were blamed for their untimely death. And compare that to a 35 year old or older person, Who grew up rich and spoiled by their family, Therefore making them think they are the center of the universe and that people should bow down to them. Someone who has everything in life. Someone who has had nothing dramatic and traumatizing ever happen to them, Like the scenarios I have previously mentioned. Or maybe someone who is smart. Has knowledge people would die for. But hasn't experienced things someone their age should have already experienced. Knowledge, Richness, And especially not age makes you wise. Age is just a number, It does not mold you into what you are today. Experience does.

  • Wisdom comes with experience!

    I say no because you can be wise without age, this is true because you have to have experience to become smart/wise. Old people are frequently wise because of the amount of experience they have. So now you know why wisdom does NOT come with age! Vote no and support the truth!

  • No. Expierience and personality make one wise

    Expierience and personality make one wiser not age. Alot of old people are morons and alot of young people are morons as well. No matter how old you are if you lack experience you are unwise. Also no matter how old you are if your personality dictates that you know everything already you are unwise. Someone who feels a lot of self doubt, is prudent, and seeks to constantly build oneself up and has considerable life experience will be wise no matter the age

  • Depends on their Experiences

    Does age give you wisdom, this is a large debate that has been going on for century’s people believe it to be true while others disagree. I have to disagree; age does not give you more wisdom experiences and knowledge give you wisdom. As you get older you have more experiences, yet this question is asking every single human not just a couple of individuals and there are a lot of people that do not get that many experiences to learn and grow in wisdom. Let say as an example, one man spends his whole life living in a box and he grows to the age of 99 yet he has never left his box, then you get a man who is 35 and has been traveling the world, learning new languages, studying new courses. Who in the two do you think has more wisdom over things in the world, the one with the box or the one that has lived his whole life to the fullest. I hope everyone said the 35-year-old man, he is younger yet he has more wisdom. To conclude my controversy, I must say that age does not give you wisdom but of experiences that grow you the most in your knowledge of the world and of the things in it.

  • It is debatable.

    Just look at what everyone else has been saying, i believe that it depends. If someone young spends 100% of their time on something, and someone older only spends a quarter of their time on that same thing, just because they are older does not mean they are more wise or smart on that particular subject. But everyone says that wisdom comes with age! No one would say a 12 year old is wise! But how come? It's honestly hard to say. Go with your opinion, i don't there is a scientific theory that could determine if wisdom comes with age.

  • It's about how you use time.

    If a 10 year old uses time 100% effectively, they can be wiser than a 40 year old who uses time 20% effectively. But if the 40 year old also uses time 100% effectively, than the 40 year old would be wiser than the 10 year old. Plain time won't do anything. It's about how we use the time as well. The more reflective experiences you have, and the more you think about them, the more wisdom you'll gain. Time creates experiences. So age is a chance for greater wisdom. But people can be clueless about how to use time, so they may take age for granted. Therefore, it's not just time, it's more about how we use time.

  • In many cases no

    While it may be true that people do get wiser with age that doesn't mean you must get older to be wise. Wisdom doesn't come from time it comes from experience if you haven't experienced anything in your life that you can learn from you wont end up being wise. If however you've experienced many mistakes and have learned from them and can apply them to future situations and current situations you are wise. While I do agree newborns will not be as wise as an older man, that doesn't mean by the age of 10 he cant experience 5 times more than the elderly.

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