• Statistics show that college degrees lead to higher income.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that those with college degrees have a higher median annual income throughout their lives than those without such degrees. BLS statistics also show that the unemployment rate for college undergraduate and graduate degrees is far lower than the rate for high school graduates and non-graduates.

  • For many professions, a college dregree is still a must

    I would argue that people still benefit from having a college degree. I would also say that for many professions, a Bachelor's or Associates' degree is just a start. Many fields require an advanced degree with a specialized concentration to work in some professions, and as technology changes, people can obtain college and other degrees remotely, which may make them easier to get.

  • Some Can Benefit

    I believe a person can still benefit from having a college degree, but it highly depends on what field they studied. Colleges will offer you a degree in anything you want, just about, but that doesn't mean the money you pay is wisely invested. There are some fields that require a degree and others where it absolutely does not matter.

  • It can help.

    Yes, a person still benefits from having a college degree, because there are still a lot of people who have trouble getting jobs that require college degrees. A degree certainly isn't worth what it used to be, because it is kind of the new high school diploma, but we all still need them to get ahead.

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jamesgarrison says2014-03-12T12:32:52.710
College degree is definitely something that can be helpful for students in the long run especially if they are looking forward to develop their career in the field that they want to excel in. It is therefore important to state here that when students seek to enroll in different colleges they should conduct proper background research regarding the institute. Since nowadays students intend to develop a career in the field of business management, finding relevant institutes for them is important

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