Does online dating lead to better relationships than offline dating?

  • Online dating can lead to better compatability.

    Online dating can allow people to find those with similar interests and meet the person they are dating in a way which leads to better compatibility than those trying to date blindly without a sense of common views or interests. Online dating isn't perfect and can still be shallow, but it allows people to meet as individuals and rely slightly less on visual preferences.

  • Online dating can help people with things like anxiety to overcome it

    Some people don't have the courage or bravery to meet with people in real life, and though yes, people could be lying about themselves through the internet, some people don't, and they and their partner really click. A better way to ensure your relationship isn't full of lies, is to send regular selfies of yourself or video call face to face with each other. That establishes a better sense of trust.

  • No this is false

    I don't believe that online dating leads to a better relationship, For a simple reason is as humans we have an insect to be around and connect with other people and doing online dating hides all connections you can make face to face by putting a phone block between you. Dating online is worse for a relationship than in-person also because you aren't meeting the true person there is something separating you and you can't see nonverbal cues and things could be taken different online than in person which can cause issues. Overall online dating is not better

  • Is it really dating? Or is it buying or selling!

    There is no such thing as on-line dating. It really does not exist! The media, dating agencies and others will tell you that it really does! Yet, they don't share with you that you're just 'buying' someone online. Let's face it! You go on your computer, search the internet, choose someone then pay a fee for doing so. Is that really dating?

  • No matter how you meet has no reflection that it’s better.

    First off you give a full description of who you are what you do what you did what you like and dislike in fact a full blown history of yourself and personality to an on line site that could use the information as they wish.
    That’s scary to say the least.
    For those that do go for this method and it leads to successful partnership or not it’s not the best way to go about finding a partner.

  • People are people

    People are people online and offline, and there's nothing about a connection through words online that might actually translate in reality. That doesn't necessarily mean online dating is inherently worse; in fact, it has become something of a cultural norm these days thanks to the advent of the Internet, but in no way is it inherently better, either.

  • NOt at all

    No, i do not think that when you meet a person on the web that it makes your relationship any better that one that was made in a face to face manner. I think that they can all work though and it just depends on if you get along good.

  • It's too easy to fake it online

    Online dating gives people the opportunity to really sell themselves as something they might not be. Online daters are notorious for describing themselves more as who they want to be than they really are, and use altered or older photos where they appear more attractive than they are in real life. Once they do meet their romance in person, both parties might be inclined to keep things going out of sheer loneliness, despite the fact that their relationship is built on falsehoods.

  • No, I don't think online datings leads to better relationships then offline dating.

    When are dating online you can often embellish yourself in many different ways, this can lead to a misinformed picture of what the person you are dating is actually like off line, when you are off line dating you can most likely get a true sense of what that person is really like, so overall I think off line dating is better then online dating.

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