Does opinion qualify truth (yes), or should truth be the reference for opinion (no)?

Asked by: simpleman
  • Truth and opinion are different 'realms' .

    The value of a true thing is ... True. The value of a false thing is....False. Opinions about something that is true may differ, not in the fact that they dispute 'truth' (that would be absurd by definition).It is more like aesthetical judgements, two different people may look at the same thing and one of them can say it is beautiful while the other say it is ugly. This is not a qualification of truth, 'beautiful' truth, or 'ugly' truth. In such qualifications we introduce a set of a different kind of values that can not be grounded upon truth. This is demonstrated through the process of justification. Truth, if it can be justified, will be based only on true elements. Opinion is grounded on further opinions. Of course an opinion can happen to be true, i.E `'I am of the opinion that Bob is stronger that Paul' (even if I don't know Bob or Paul, it can still be true), but it can also be false. Opinions can also be irrelevant, nonsensical, humorous and so on.

    We want to 'justify' our opinions....Then we run into trouble. People will not accept any kind of opinion (some opinions may be offensive, i.E. Men are smarter than women). So the holder of opinion will go to great lengths to prove his opinion true. ...But that's the reason why debate sites exist...LOL.

  • There is no truth there are opinions that explain truth.

    In some years there will be no opinions everyone will know the truth, the communication devices will be so great that we all will know everything and none could say anything about his opinion, there is one and only truth we have the right to know it, all of us...

  • What is truth?

    We live in an age where opinion is given precedence over truth. Can we evade deletirious consequences systemically and societally? As always, I am seeking dialogue merely. I enjoy hearing feedback on philosophical issues that pertain to our social predicaments and climate. Of course, I feel most problems hinge upon worldview issues.

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