Does other people's non-belief bother you? Why?

Asked by: missmedic
  • No, it's not their non-believing.

    It's not their non-believing that can bother me. What can bother me is how they act about their atheist or evolutionist beliefs. Many atheists I have come across are very firm and strict about what they believe in, and will even go as far as insulting to try and make you lean more toward their side.

  • I relax around atheists more than any other sort of people

    Religious people will come up against some idea or another from which they cannot proceed.
    It is annoying to be around them. I have to hide my atheism because religious people are mean, devious, hateful and loaded with excuses. Much that could be improved in this world is blocked by religious people

  • Not believing in god/s?

    No I find that encouraging. Most people I speak to don't believe in such things.

    I do have one friend who is religious though. He's a great guy. Trustworthy, intelligent and knowledgeable. I've come to terms with the fact he is religious and it doesn't really bother me.

    It's only natural to be a little uncomfortable with wildly differing views on life but we have to remember we only ever have a small piece of the puzzle. People are complex and shouldn't generally be judged to harshly on a first impression.

  • Though I'm agnostic, I don't care about what other people believe.

    It's their life, not mine. I don't care if they believe in god, more than one god, nobody, or if they worship the sun or anything/anyone else. It doesn't affect me. They can do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn't hurt me. I don't like when people try to force their beliefs on others. Christians stand outside of Planned Parenthood protesting and attacking/yelling at people who go in. That, is taking it too far.

  • Religious beliefs, or lack thereof, do not bother me, as they have nothing to do with me.

    I identify as an agnostic atheist for rational, justified reasons, but I don't push my lack of belief onto religious folks. If they want to believe, that's fine with me, as long as they don't push it onto me. There is nothing wrong with one's religion if he keeps it to himself and doesn't use it to harm others.

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