• Changing the ways civilizations engage the world through Education.

    We in America have been dumb down strategically & that must change with truth & facts & not propaganda nor misinformation. Civilization as a whole would benefit when everyone is given a true understanding about the world in which we live. A truthful understanding. Let us move away from the communist ideology being spread w/ in our Educational system. And revert back towards a more conservative approach to life & its humanity

  • Education system is outdate.

    To stay competitive, we need to better engage our students. Not every student is college bound - start offering a choice of college prep or vocational training as freshman; Most kids know by the time they enter high school if they are academically inclined or vocationally inclined. Give college credit courses in high school towards an associate degree and certificate for vocational training. Provide job shadow and internships for career exploration. Restructure the school year – do away with summer break and utilized several one or two week breaks in between. How much retention is lost during a three month hiatus from education? Offer everyone, youth or adult, two years of free college or vocational school. To have a productive society, you need trained members. Testing should be revamped as well - testing is designed for schools to meet federal numbers, they are often fudged so that schools don't loose funding - do away with this.

  • Yes, it is inefficient

    Our education system right now relies on standardized testing and GPA as a way to class students based on their intelligence and work ethic. Standardized testing does not do a good job of gauging the intelligence of all students; it only accurately represents some. Therefore, the way our education system functions needs to be revamped

  • Education System Needs a Revolution

    The need for education 'reform' is upon us. Testing scores compared to other countries suggest that the United States' education system is lacking in a lot of places. Math and sciences are not heavily adopted (although the by-products of math with technology and gaming has) and with competing countries like China and India advancing their students in the computer world, we're falling more and more behind. One way to revamp the education system is to employ more specific school systems that concentrate on one subject or one field. Instead of having students go through 2-3 sets of general education courses (middle school, high school and then once more in college) students should be exposed to the different fields and have them enroll in schools that devote entirely to that field or study; that increases the number of years a student is versed in one subject to prepare them for the careers ahead.

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    Oh man i don't know why i said this but still i think that the indian education system is okay but the methods of teaching definately need to be changed and also if other tools are used like laptops, Tablets, Etc
    are used, Then there will be no need to change the education system

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