Does our ineffective body disprove either the claim that we were designed by a perfect being?

Asked by: XDM
  • Humans Don't Work

    If we were intelligently designed by a perfect being, logic implies that at the very least, our bodies would be perfectly functional and have no ineffective parts. The appendix is just one of multiple unused parts of the human body that make up an ineffective being. That combined with no great protection against diseases or the fact that we can only survive due to a host of bacteria living inside of us implies that we are an evolved animal whose brained developed faster than the rest

    Posted by: XDM
  • Of course it does!

    I would define intelligent design as design done by some one who is intelligent. Now if an intelligent being designed men they would lose their hair on the sides of their heads not the top. This way gravity would cause the hair to cover the sides and the top of your head and you wouldn't look bald. This is but one example of stupid design, I could give you millions. The advocates of creationism had this idea that if they changed the name of creationism, the public schools could teach it even if the courts said they could not. This idea was put in writing, and they failed to hide it from their opponents.

  • HAVE YOU READ the BIBLE?!?!?

    ASSUMING! That the bible is true, or ANY religion is true. If you read that stuff, you will notice that there is always a first crime that causes imperfection in the world, including the people. In The book of Genesis from the Bible, Adam and Eve discover they are naked After they disobey God... Blame them or the Devil.

  • No, not necessarily

    Most of the creator gods that I know about (including the most popular one) seem to have a sick sense of humour. Creating imperfect body designs may have been done just for shits and giggles. Isn't it hilarious when someone chokes on their food because of the "wisdom" of having the digestive system and respiratory system share the same tubing? Autoimmune disorders and genetic "mistakes" are equally laughter-inducing.

  • God is perfect.

    God created us out of loneliness, and had it planned all along. He knew the whole entire timeline, and foresaw everything, he adapted his plan to still be righteous, and whatever evil Satan did, God knew a reversal and used it to his advantage. He gave us free will even.

  • Part of god's plan

    While I would say that how imperfect our bodies are, and the fact that even the most pious and wonderful of people can be stricken down by disease and unimaginable horrors, the refrain will always be that we became imperfect, or that it is part of god's plan.

    That, in and of itself, makes the idea of a god being bizarre. As well as making these god beings impossible to respect.

    "Your ultimate ancestor that I created didn't do as directed (even though, as an all knowing being I knew that would happen) so I will punish all descendants, and even moreso if they don't believe on the sparse and poor evidence that I have provided".

    Not exactly the tact of an all knowing, perfect being that has our best interests at heart, and loves us and all of that stuff.

  • Assuming God is Just...

    (Beware for over explanation and terrible organization. Also prepare for the overuse of the word 'assume.')

    No. Well, depends on where you go. Im going to assume that mostly Christians are here, so lets look at the Bible, eh?

    According to the Bible, God told Adam and Eve to not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil or they'd die.

    They didnt eat the fruit, for a while, then the snake came along and tells them that they wouldnt die, so they (Adam and Eve) ate the apple. Most atheists would use this as proof that God, a just and perfect being, is a liar. But guess what? Adam and Eve did die, not instantly, but eventually (Noting that God didnt say they'd die instantly).

    So, we've established that Adam and Eve did eventually die, despite what the snake said would happen. From here we can assume that Adam and Eve were created as immortal beings (although not implied in the actual text), before disobeying God.

    Using all of this, we can presume that before Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they were perfect and were not affected by things like sickness, but after they ate the fruit, they were corrupted by sin (because they disobeyed God) and their bodies became ineffective (causing their descendants bodies to become ineffective, ect.)

    Sorry for the long reply. Im new to this site and Im sort of over-zealous. Im also sorry that I made no sense.

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