• Wow long sentences

    Imma vote this side then. It says 45 more words needed so I am going to tell you a tale I made up right now. A guy called Peter was in a bar one day. He saw a girl that his eyes could not leave. So they talked, Married, Banged.

  • Yes. . . . . . It is that

    Yes off course it is that reality that our social media spread thrilling news
    With his sources because in this way he increase his income and
    Attract the attentions of the people on his channel and busy the
    People in watching his every news with great zeal and zest.

  • The guy above me.

    The guy above me made some gud points, You should really just read his arguments. . . Hmmm? You still reading? Why? Whats the purpose of you reading? Whats the purpose of. . . Anyone reading? What's the purpose of debates? Whats the purpose of life existence the universe and everything? Oh right 42 Nvrmind.

  • Depends on definition.

    First, Assuming that the person asking meant thrilling, That word can vary in definition.
    Do they inspire an emotion or emotional reaction? Yes, But rarely is it positive but usually one of fear or anger. The same type of emotions a thrill ride might give you. Does it make you thrilled to find out what they say in the same way you may be thrilled to find out what you got for Christmas? Happy and cheerful. Not likely.
    Sad thing is, Positive news has little lasting effect. Making the public fearful or angry tends to last longer. Nobody cares about the people who survived something but bring out a grieving mother and the world watches. The more something is hated/feared the more people focus. Look at the mass shootings. Few people cared about the victims but wanted to know everything about the evil person behind it. Thing is, The media knows that this type of thrill sells airtime but they are handed good or not so bad news too. To increase the profit margin, They tend to slant these stories in the worst possible way. If a public official give good news, They must twist it to make people actually hate/fear what happened or the official.

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