Does our reality suggest randomness or creation?

Asked by: steffon66
  • The universe is not random nor was it created

    The universe was formed by logical processes inherent within itself. A logical system is the exact opposite of random, since each step in the system brings a necessary next step. There is no such thing as random because every event was instigated by a series of previous events. The Universal Singularity was not preceded by anything both because there was literally no time for anything else to have existed before and because the singularity was not an event, it was a potential event.

  • All of our universe points toward creation.

    Due to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which states that "a system left to its own devices tends toward disorder". If a system tends toward disorder, then how could a universe, and the intricacy of earth and all its systems, be formed randomly. If there was disordered substance to begin with, then how could it tends towards order? It would defy a law of nature. And how did the disordered substance get there in the first place? The only viable option then is that there is indeed a God, who created the substance, and gave it order. A God, who spoke and then there was light, and formed the great waters, then separated the water with land, and filled the land and water with humanity, and animals and bird of the air and fish of the seas. A God who exists outside of natural law and created order, so the 2nd law of thermodynamics could exist.
    A God that created.

  • Yes for randomness no for creation

    With everything there is a scale from one to ten. One being as bad as it can be and ten being as good as it can be. And everything on that scale happens which suggests randomness. There are fat people skinny people and everything in between. There are sane and insane people and everything inbetween. There are happy people miserable people and everything in between. There is goodness and evilness and everything in between. And im supposed to believe that everything happens for a reason when everything thats possible happens? Thats insane! If we had a good all powerful god i would think that no one would be starving or suffering. Why does god want us to suffer and struggle while he has it so easy? Anything he wants he just wiggles his nose and he has.

  • Creation all the way.

    I am going to start off with saying that The conditions on earth from the start were so perfect. Our axis of the earth, the chemicals of our air, the amount of each element on earth, the moons, positioning from earth, the earths distance from the sun, the strength of gravity on earth and countless other statistics. Somehow this is randomness? I don't think a random explosion could have created this. Then there is life, randomness does not create every type of life that is so exact and perfect for earth. Randomness would have resulted in life completely destroying itself because it is random. A lighting bolt striking a combination of elements does not make every single piece of life. Think of this why is their humans when we have iron, calcium, potassium, and many other elements in ourselves and then there is the bacteria that every life form evolved from that only has a few elements. And remember even science says that elements can't be broken down into any other element so how did humans get more elements in them? Then there is reality. The beauty of life is that there is so much in between of miserable and happy and insane and sane as Steffon66 pointed out. How does randomness generate so much of that in between. Then o combat Steffon's argument of why does God let people suffer and allow sin if it is so bad. Sin is suffering and pain. God allowed sin to give us a choice. You sit there and tell yourself and say there is so much evil and you hate it yet you sit there and deny the only way out which is accepting Christianity. Life on earth is hard even for Christians so there will always be suffering and pain but there is an eternal life afterward which can either be perfect or more evil than earth and you say to yourself why would God let us go there the thing is it is your choice.

  • So unlikely that the universe was created randomly

    But I don't believe a god created it either. I just don't believe it's random. Don't get me wrong I do NOT believe in a god. If it is random it at least had all the stuff in the right place. But it wasn't created perfectly for humans, we can't breath in space and our planets 70% water so....

  • Suggesting that life as it exist on this planet now is the result of random selection over millions of years is without merit

    Almost all of evolution's findings are based on what they refer to as the "fossil record". Most evolutionist in the field make money by "finding" some new fossil that sheds more light on the theory of evolution. While this sounds completely reasonable, it should be noted that they can't stay in business without grants for further study. Expeditions are costly and most palaeontologist aren't loaded with money. A case in point would be the new hominid found in Wyoming. The entire find consisted of a molar, which they managed to engineer an entire species from...Turns out the molar was from a type of extinct wild pig.

  • There isn't proof to suggest that creation doesn't exist.

    Alright, let me first point out that the "big bang theory" suggests that the universe was once condensed. After some research, I found the theory doesn't clarify how the universe even got there! How can any of us exist without the universe? Clearly the universe had to have been made to become what it is today.

  • The universe was created

    It's obvious that the universe was created. Science has confirmed a big bang where something began from nothing. The universe is not an infinite regress. Prior to the big bang, there was no time, space, and matter. It therefore makes philosophical sense to be certain that the universe was created.

  • Yes creationism is correct

    Pretty much what they said. Especially since the spicies on earth go from worms to eagles to whale sharks to whatever. The human species is very complex we have so many features that are unique and random that we had to have been created by something.
    BTW: both evolutionism and creationism suggest that something came from nothing.

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