Does our society disproportionately overvalue the ability to argue and debate over actual fact and truth?

Asked by: AnonyFeline
  • Substantive debate must be based on fact and truth.

    Many people are confused or inexperienced as to what constitutes debate. Debate is more than loudly expressing an opinion on another or others; it is the organization and selection of facts to present a position (or argument). Conclusions are derived from the intertwining of facts, preferably from many points of view. Thus, truth is that which two or more people come to terms with, together. Truth, is in essence, that which is the belief or consensus of a broader group of people or society. This is why thoughtlessness is so dangerous. Debate is an organic process, not a one way street. That is where the confusion exists. We value or pay attention to the loudest opinion in the online world; not the one based on truth, reasoning or fact. In this regard, I believe that the question is fairly applicable to current times. The term "blowhards" come to mind when it comes to the so called "debates" of today. Personally, I don't see debate as about winning or losing, but rather, exchanging and learning.

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