Does our voting system work (yes), or are there more reliable and inclusive ways of doing things (no)?

  • Yes, I think out voting system works fine.

    I think while it may not be perfect our voting system is relatively free of fraud and the result is an honest reflection of the public choice, I think there are always areas of improvement but overall I think America has one of the strongest and most free electoral system in the world.

  • Our Voting System is flawed

    I do not believe that our current method of voting in America is a working system. The electoral college gets to make the ultimate decision on who wins the major elections, and I feel like this issue needs to be addressed by those in charge before any working system can be put in place. The electoral college should be a transparent institution.

  • Not with the districts

    The way lines are drawn to ensure votes stay how they are makes our voting system not work. With a genuine way of allocating delegates with district lines that aren't gerrymandered like crazy it would essentially work how it was intended to, but the way things are you can predict how a solid 80% of the country is going to be counted before the votes even start coming in.

  • Government is failing us when it takes six hours to vote.

    During the presidential election of 2012, some voters waited in line for six hours in order to cast their ballots. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. As a nation, we have the resources to make voting easy and convenient for everyone. Our failure to do so cheapens our democracy.

  • I think it needs reform.

    I think that the way that our voting system is supposed to work is okay. I just think that it doesn't always work the way that it is supposed to. One major thing that we need to put an end to is voter suppression. One party should not be able to intentionally make it difficult for certain groups to cast their vote.

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