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  • Robots can be helpful

    Robots are tools that man can use to improve their lives. For example, the Roomba makes the job of keeping your house clean much easier. Industrial robots have revolutionized manufacturing. In the future we could have things like delivery drones to improve our lives.

    There are real concerns about intelligent robots who could act against us, but hopefully we can mitigate those threats and benefit from new technologies.

  • Gives Humans More Time to Think

    Robots help humans do dangerous and even ordinary tasks. When automation and robotics help humans by making everyday life more efficient, people have more time to expand their consciousness with thoughts about science, math, religion and philosophy. Robotics help humans shift their paradigms into thinking about how to solve the world's problems when automation helps with our everyday processes.

  • So many things.

    Yes, our world benefits from the introduction of robots, because there are so many things that people can do with robots. With robots, a person who has lost a limb can have a prosthetic arm. A robot can be used on the assembly line to make it easier to make cars and for a lower price.

  • I Think It Does

    I believe our world does benefit form the introduction of robots, but we aren't seeing many benefits at this time. Robots need more advancements before they can really start to benefit us, but as technology improves these advancements will come. I think we will see more benefits in the future, but we are already seeing some as it is.

  • Loss of Jobs

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