Does outsourcing help other developing nations?

Asked by: stainerpete
  • Only if handled correctly

    It will/does help developing countries, presuming that the outsourcing is well managed and handled. It creates jobs and payment to the citizens of the country in question, thus reducing the poor and impoverished community.
    However, if handled incorrectly (*cough*Nike*cough*) it can contribute to the creation and management of sweatshops, which are responsible for the oppression of many people who have much to contribute to the world. They keep the poor, poor and make the rich richer.
    In conclusion, handled and managed well, outsourcing could be a cornerstone in leading poor countries out of their predicament, and into a comfortable and happy existence for the majority of the population. Handled incorrectly, outsourcing could be responsible for oppression and the eventual destruction of any chance that these countries may become a thriving first world nation.
    Of course, that is just my opinion, cheers EpicLX

  • Outsourcing does help developing nations

    Of course outsourcing helps developing countries. Outsourcing allows people in developing countries an alternative method of income/employment. Most people will site it as being "unfair" or "exploitative", but the fact of the matter is that it is their best option (otherwise they wouldn't accept the job). And though it may be "unfair" or "exploitative" or "immoral", but when it comes to the welfare of the poor, isn't it more moral to let them decide? And if they are willing (voluntarily) to work for those jobs (despite however low-paying they are), it indicates that it is providing them something better than they otherwise would have and thus helping them.

    Posted by: WXL
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