• Most Mathematicians predict it.

    Even if it can't be proved, the most likely answer is yes. It seems probable that eventually there will be a formula for generating primes and the like. If you can check any answer in a certain exponentiality then it makes sense that you can solve it via the same magnitude of steps.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Ok, what the hay?! No! It does not! 2≠2x5! Who the world came up with that rubbish? Laws do not change, especially math laws, so nothing in the future is going to change the fact that P≠NP! Any little kid doing ARITHMETIC could tell you that! 3 more words left.

  • Most Mathematicians and computer scientists predict it is false, and it would make no intuitive sense if it were true.

    P = NP would imply that any problem that can be solved quickly with the ability to do an arbitrarily large number of tasks at once would also be solvable quickly with the ability to do only one task at a time. If this sounds unlikely to you, then you are not alone. See page 3 of and page 4 of which clearly show the majority of experts to believe that it is false (as do I).

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