• I am pagan.

    First of all pagans don't even believe in the devil nor the Christian god. We worship our own deities and have nothing to do with ANY biblical faith. Historically its been proven that our faith predates all biblical faiths. I am in no means saying that i am against the biblical religions. To each his and her own. I am simply saying you shouldn't judge people so harshly if you don't have all the facts. Even in the bible it say and I quote, "Thow shall not cast judgment upon others for in the end god will judge us all." The bible also says love thy neighbor. It also says in the ten commandments "thow shall not worship any god before me" which as anyone with any common sense would realize god himself admitted to there being gods other than him. And as many Christians will tell you Jesus died for our sins so that man kind would be forgiven for any wrong doings. With that in mind it makes no senses that anyone would go to hell anyway.

  • Even as a Child.

    When I was little, I grew up in a catholic environment. I believed in God and Heaven, and I would have panic attacks over dying because some scientists said that Heaven was just an image seen by the dying brain. Catholic and Christian spinoff teachings have always incited more panic, whereas Greek and Norse Mythology mesmerized me as a child. I found solace in all these old Gods, and never felt bad when I studied their myths.

  • Oh yes, it always has.

    From childhood to now, I have always enjoyed Classical Mythology, early Vedism and Jainism, as well as Egyptian and Norse mythology. Celtic mythology not so much. Never really got into that one. The cult of Mithra is pretty cool though, as well as the cult of Isis, and the cult of Dionysus. Seeing the evolution of these religions into the religions that we see today is quite interesting, and seeing what people believed as the objective truth then and now. Let me see....... Oh sh!T. I just realized we as a society believe the same exact B.S.. And older, and more inaccurate B.S. Too!

  • It does for me

    It's one of those Scandinavian traditions that have always had me in a daze. It's interesting too. I love to study it. I must say I'm ignorant of the religion, but it still is interesting nevertheless. I've had friends who follow the religion. What do you guys think -- is it mesmerizing?

  • Paganism scares me!

    I am not mesmerized by Paganism. I am scared of Paganism. As a believer in Christ I believe in only worshiping one true God. Therefore, Pagans worship of more than one God does not appeal to me. Although I hate to stereotype, Pagans tend to be hedonistic wanting what they want when they want it. I do not consider this attitude toward life to be good for anyone.

  • No, it will not end well for the people who do it.

    No, paganism does not mesmerize me, because it is a false teaching. The Bible is clear that we are not to worship idols, or have any gods besides God. When people worship paganism, or act out paganism, that is what they are doing. They need love, and they need God. They are acting out a false teaching, and they will be penalized.

  • If paganism mesmerizes you then it looks like Satan did his job.

    As a believer in The Lord Jesus Christ I believe that all false religions( including pagan ones) were molded by Satan to lead people to hell. That doesn't mean it isn't good to study these religions because a recent poll suggested that there are almost 10 million people who still hold to the Ancient Greek Religion alone. It's good to know the beliefs of the people you plan to evangelize to. Thank you for hearing me out and may God bless you all.

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