• Pakistan is guilty.

    Pakistan is one of the world's biggest supporters of terrorism, and they have held this unpleasant designation for many years. The Pakistani government offers shelter to terrorists, and they house many militant groups that want nothing more than to eliminate freedom, especially in the western world. Their government needs to be held accountable.

  • Of course Pakistan supports terrorism.

    Pakistan is one of the breeding grounds for terrorism. It's a rouge country in the middle east, easily susceptible to negative influences of terrorism. I wouldn't say that the country's government supports it, but they have little control as to who converts or who doesn't. It's an incredibly unstable land, where anything can happen.

  • Yes, Pakistan supports terrorism.

    By arguing infront of the UN that there were certain virtues to terrorists and terrorism, they made it clear that they support terrorism. While they may not officially provide money to terrorist and terrorist organizations, it is pretty clear that they atleast support some of the ideals and tactics that terrorists use.

  • Pakistan is the equivalent of a terrorist cell

    Pakistan has come under fire for the increased incidents of terrorist activity within the country. This is strong evidence for Pakistan's support of terrorism: they are not doing enough to stop these violent actions which means that individuals who want to commit them have no boundaries in which to do so.

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