Does Parental Marijuana Use Affect the Baby through Breastfeeding?

  • Many studies say you should bottle feed if you can't / won't stop.

    "Lactating mothers should refrain from consuming cannabinoids."

    "studies conclude that it could decrease motor development of the child at one year of age. Therefore, cannabis use and abuse of other drugs like alcohol, tobacco, or cocaine must be contraindicated during breastfeeding. "

    " Despite the widespread use of this product, the public is not aware of the potential neurobehavioral effects of this drug on the fetus or the newborn infant. THC is indicated for nausea and appetite stimulation during chemotherapy, and HIV patients. Chronic cannabis use may cause depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder in adolescents and adults Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a psychoactive drug with multiple effects including euphoria, mood changes and hallucinations. Its active ingredient is delta-9-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC), which acts on cannabinoid (CB1) receptor. THC is highly lipid-soluble which explains its high concentrations in brain and body tissues. Small to moderate doses are stored in tissues for long periods up to 2-3 weeks. Cannabis has enormous affinity for milk and produces a milk/plasma ratio of 8, although the levels in milk are generally considered subclinical. THC crosses the placenta readily, and there is increasing evidence that it may increase rates of growth retardation, adverse neurodevelopment following prenatal exposure. "

  • No it does not

    The active component in marijuana, THC, does not affect the baby through breastfeeding, at least that we know of. Slight or moderate use of marijuana while breastfeeding does not affect the baby. There is no evidence that shows that marijuana use affects the baby from breastfeeding and it is a misconception.

  • Pots just fine

    No evidence supports the claim that marijuana use while pregnant harms the fetus or baby in anyway. In fact there is no evidence that marijuana has any serious negative health side effects whatsoever, and this is a claim drug prohibitionist have tried to make over and over and over again. It is simply not true.

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