• Yes Islam guides peace

    Yes, I totally agree that Islam guides peace, in fact the literal meaning of the word Islam is peace. Unfortunately too much wrong attention and media speculation has changed how people look at this religion. But in reality, it is a religion that teaches people how to live in a peaceful manner.

  • Overall, I think so.

    I do feel that peace guides Islam in general. I know there are extremists out there who do not feel that Islam is meant to be peaceful. However, I have known quite a few Muslims and they do believe that their religion is meant to be a peaceful religion most of the time.

  • I don't believe that peace guides Islam

    Islam and the other Abrahamic religions are religions based on archaic, fear-based beliefs. These religions have several instances in their holy books of extremely violent or morally depraved activities taking place in the name of their god. The fact that immoral acts can be justified because it pleases their god while other acts that are seemingly innocuous are considered sin shows that there is a possibility that they would be willing to perform very violent and terrible acts in the name of their god.

  • No religion is guided by peace, including Islam

    While I would argue that mainstream Muslim beliefs are by and large peaceful, it would be a stretch to claim that peace is the guiding principle of the religion. Most world religions are driven by the desire to be a better person usually via following a set of rules and thus avoid punishment. Both Islam and Christianity have this as a driving force. If peace were the guiding principle? The message and actions of the adherents would not be so open to corruption and violence.

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