Does peer pressure make a person realize his potential sooner?

  • Yes peer pressure is beneficial. No offense

    Peer pressure does increase the child's potential because peers push their friend towards their goal in life.They support them in everything they do and also they give them the confidence they need to achieve their goal. Even if the goal the child has tried to achieve is very hard, they give them the confidence they should have to achieve that goal.

  • It's a NO!

    Peer pressure, how can it make a person realize his/her potential sooner? Peer pressure cant! How come? Many peers are lazy. How can they motivate the other to discover his/her hidden potentials sooner? You just cannot realize your potential with the peers. You will realize your own potential through yourself. Not the peers.

  • Not good at all!!

    Pressure is defined in a negative term not positive. You're trying to impress your peers so much that you're lead astray from the path of to figuring out your potential. These so called 'peers' of yours could be bullying you to do things (although to you it is like a sweet melody) that it could lower your self-esteem thinking that you're not as cool as them and increase your stress levels due to the competition you made against yourself trying to impress them with a much better thing than another. It could lead to depression and we all know where the road to depression leads to: suicide.

  • Negatives And Positives

    I do not believe peer pressure makes a person realize their potential sooner. Peer pressure, generally, is thought of as a bad influence, therefore good outcomes are rare in instances of peer pressure. If people were more apt to pressure people into doing things that would benefit them, this may be the case.

  • Peer pressure can have an inverse effect on the realization of potential.

    While peer pressure is sometimes good, peer pressure can sometimes motivate people to make bad choices based on the idea that their friends are making similar decisions or on the opinions of friends. Everyone's potential is different, and each person needs the appropriate time and space to understand their strengths and the potential of them and to be confident that they are not simply doing so because they feel obligated to others.

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