Does piracy boost the sales of certain products?

Asked by: Shabba
  • Piracy drives the economy.

    Piracy is like a teaser and an advertisement simultaneously. Pirated goods give consumers a taste- a preview- of the genuine product. It also advertises the existence of the product- without the owner having to spend a cent in the process. True, some losses will be incurred; but isn't that how business works?
    I liken this to Japanese manga as an example. If it was not for piracy, I would have never known just how interesting so many Japanese manga are (remember, only a handful of them are translated to English and shown in foreign countries). Now I'll be hunting down some of those manga - and the extra stuff that comes with them that you can't get from scanned copies.

  • Allowing new experiences.

    Some people have no idea what piques there interest ( me counted.) Through piracy this helps them decide and try out different types of programs and files. It also gives a broad understanding on the type of files that are downloaded. Allowing them to find out what their interests are and what to buy themselves.

  • Piracy is Stealing

    Piracy is stealing music and movies. Sales are not boosted, they are taken away from the hard working actors and musicians that create them. To suggest that piracy is a way to get more sales for a product is like asking if Pepsi will increase their profit if I steal a soda from the corner store.

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