Does Planned Parenthood prevent more abortions than anti-choice organizations?

  • Statistics prove it does.

    Statistics show that increasing Planned Parenthood's coverage and service areas reduce abortion rates in those areas.
    The ONLY factors proven to decrease the abortion rate are increased comprehensive sex education and increased availability of reliable contraception- Planned Parenthood provides both. In addition, the highest abortion rates correspond with the lowest levels of contraception use and education about sex and family planning.
    Banning abortion does nothing to prevent it, but rather kills women. Over 95% of the abortions in the world occur in nations where it is illegal.

  • PP absolutely prevents abortions!

    I strongly believe that Planned Parenthood prevents more abortions than it causes, and that it also prevents more abortions than anti-choice groups. Planned Parenthood's most important role in society is the distribution of sex education and contraception. These things prevent unplanned pregnancies which lead to abortions. Planned Parenthood also provides help for people who want to give up a pregnancy for adoption.

  • Yes, it does

    Yes, I believe that Planned Parenthood does prevent more abortions that anti-choice organizations. Planned Parent hood provides women with many resources such as birth control and safe health care options that keep them informed on their reproductive care. Measures such as this keep women from getting pregnant and having to make hard decisions.

  • I think that's an established fact.

    Planned Parenthood actually provides contraception (whether it's condoms or birth control pills), and also helps young mothers/young pregnant girls, helps them through the pregnancy, etc, opposed to the anti-choice org who seem to do nothing but to stand outside a clinic, to make people who get an abortion feel guilty.

  • An ounce of prevention...

    It is really quite simple; preventing unwanted pregnancies through the dissemination of education and birth control does more to prevent abortion than a million protesters outside an abortion clinic. It is impossible for a woman to abort a pregnancy that never existed in the first place. That's a fact, Jack.

  • It's Common Sense

    It's obvious, ... Or at least it should be, to most intelligent people. P. P. Helps women by providing contraception services. If you are on conception, you won't get pregnant, thereby removing the need for an abortion ... It's common sense. Anyone who really cares about decreasing abortions, should be thankful to P.P. For it's work towards that goal.

  • This is ridiculous

    We're talking about the largest abortion provider in north America. Are we really this naïve? I cannot believe 83% of people on here actually find this to be anything but a bias pro-abortion opinion.

    Furthermore, no one should have the choice of killing their children. If this is what the instigator means by "anti-choice" then I'll embrace the title completely.

  • But they provide them too!

    It may be true that birth control programs prevent some abortions, but if you care about preventing abortions, why endorse an organization that provides them? Unlike other pro-life people, I am for alternate solutions, like expanded access to birth control. But I cannot in good conscience support an organization that commits abortion.

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