Does plastic surgery promote beauty (yes) or destroy it (no)?

  • Yes, plastic surgery promotes beauty.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but plastic surgery promotes individuality. Beauty in your own skin has to do with both your outer and inner appearance. If someone does not find themselves beautiful on the outside chances are they are not going to be too pleased with what they feel on the inside.

  • Plastic surgery boosts confidence

    Everyone wants to be pretty/handsome. However, some are born to be ugly. These people might be bullied or discriminated by the public. Plastic surgery provides a chance for them to change their fate, thus boosting their confidence. It changes their life in many ways. They can be a lot happier after their surgery.

  • It is a business

    This is a system that tells you that something is wrong with you and gives you a so-called solution to fix it. It's a business. And a dangerous one, which is why plastic surgeons dont perform ANYTHING on their spouses and children. Plastic surgery doesnt promote individuality it creates a sheep mentality where everyone wants to reach the standard of beauty promoted by stars, when we're ALL without exception different in the first place. Unless you've had an accident or are deformed, plastic surgery robs you of your identity. A friend of mine underwent two operations and bitterly regrets them. She realized she was ok before. Generally people arent even prettier afterwards, they look PLASTIC.

  • It's great if you want to look like a clown.

    My argument is that - if clowns are beautiful than I'm wrong - but if clowns look like (oh I don't know) maybe clowns - then it destroys beauty. I evidently need 20 more words because the creator of this sight doesn't like concise arguments - four more words - one more word.

  • Plastic Surgery is a disaster!!

    It's a big risk that may or may not succeed, but the majority failed, and turned people from a good looking to a bad looking like for example Michael Jackson. And in the end which is the most important, it is forbidden by god. God made us in a best picture which we must not change or play in, because this means that he doesn't much believe in god.

  • Yes if disfigured. No if its merely to look MORE beautiful

    We live in a world where seemingly, people cannot accept others as they are. Where too much emphasis is placed on the "packaging" and not on the "contents". Cosmetic surgery has a part to play in restoring the confidence and self esteem of those who were either born with serious disfigurement or who's bodies have been damaged by accident etc. For those of us simply not happy with our healthy but otherwise "average" looks, I say: beauty is but skin deep. True beauty comes from within: the "light" that shines through to the surface , in your eyes, your smile, the love for your fellow humans and your joy for life. That is real beauty and NOTHING can beat that. "Packaging" ages, no matter what. What's inside will live on long after beauty has faded and is laid to rest where it will be forgotten. What people will remember is your "essence" - your warmth, your smile, your humanity ….

  • Plastic Surgery Destroys Beauty

    In most cases, plastic surgery destroys beauty rather than creating it. A person that suffers an accident should get such surgery to repair damage. An ordinary person should shy away from plastic surgery, though. Looks don't determine a person's beauty, and getting surgery to change oneself is just a bad idea.

  • Plastic surgery against

    Plastic surgery only adds fuel to the fire of today's beauty obsessed society, when some people just want to be accepted as how they are, without having to put butt flesh in their face. Changing the way you look also changes the way you are which I believe is wrong.

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