• It most definitely does

    Playboy objectifies women, holds them up to ridiculous standards and gives men unrealistic expectations of what every women should look like, and how they should act and express their sexuality. No, these women are not forced to go into this field but the fact that it is even an option is disturbing.

  • Really... Just fucking really?

    Objectify means to make something into an object, as in property. Playboy was built by taking the image of naked women and making it property of whatever buyer. So in the literal sense it does objectify some women. I believe this is wether it objectifies all women though. In which case the answer is still yes. Seeing as prom takes the ideal woman and makes her a hoe, this creates the public perception that people should be a freak in bed. It objectifies both sexes. It's kind of the reason chicks want an 8-12 incher and men want bubble buts and big tits.

  • That's what it's there for, isn't it?

    Playboy Magazine and other adult-themed magazines geared at sexual arousal exist primarily to objectify women under the guise of free speech, and it's always funny to see them support liberal or libertarian causes when their entire purpose is to objectify and sexualize the bodies of women, taking away their agency and saying it's empowerment.

  • "Playboy" Degrades Women

    "Playboy" Magazine doesn't just objectify women, it degrades women completely. There is no need for such smut in contemporary society because we are supposed to be evolved. Women should be equals instead of sex objects or toys. They are human beings and not slaves. "Playboy" is just another way to subjugate women.

  • Yes, I think Playboy Magazine does objectify women.

    I think that Playboy Magazine makes men think that the women in the magazine are there to serve them for their pleasure and sometimes people carry that idea into real life as well, I think overall most men can separate the women in the magazine and women in real life but overall I do say Playboy Magazine does objectify women.

  • Yes and no

    Now I won't exactly defend Playboy, but it has to be understood that explicit and even pornographic images are a part of modern society. Playboy simply allows people, both men and women, to capitalize on it. Is it right? Perhaps not. But it's reality. And there are worse things than encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and use it their benefit.

  • Women choose to pose for the magazine

    I always see objectifying as being taking advantage of. To me women who work and pose for Playboy are not being taken advantage of. They get compensated nicely and from what it looks like get treated like family. The women also choose to go into that profession, no one forces them to. The people that have a problem with it just do not like the fact that the women pose nude.

  • It celebrates women.

    No, Playboy Magazine does not objectify women, because it celebrates a positive view of women. Playboy Magazine is an entire magazine about how women are beautiful. For the most part, it is done tastefully. Playboy Magazine celebrates the good things that women are and their intrinsic beauty. It is a positive thing.

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