• U-Play, U Gay

    The Ubisoft gaming corporation is the head of all homosexual urges in this country and even this entire god-forsaken race we call man. When you log on to operation health and pic ash and jager on house a brolic ethnic man immediately breaks your door down, Pops your mouth open like a sardine can, And skull fucks you until brain bits slide out of your putrid little nose. TLDR: homosexuality is a sin and i commit it every day

  • Played it once and turned into a gay

    I bought rainbows a while back. . Was having fun to begin with but it really fell off after they added the penis character. All it is now is just a bunch of penis heads running into me and trying to do gay things.
    So many gay things are said as well such as one guy asking me ram his gun into my asshole

  • U-Play. U Gay.

    The first man makes a great point. These games are from the company Ubisoft who has sold millions of copies of the popular videogame Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs. These are very talented people making games like U-Play and it's a shame to see so many youngsters playing Fortnites. Learn from Mario's Mistake and try to get some fus ro dahs! Rofl.

  • f***ing gay gay game

    Uhm so here's the sitch. This game? Yep. Makes you gay. My son sucked 10 dicks one night after getting off this game and i could only stare in horror. I cried that night. Jesus betrayed me. Rainbow dicks siege should be played by no one. Remove it ubisoft! Ubihard if you play this because it makes you gay.

  • Of course. Simple answer.

    Anyone that plays this is absolutely big time GAY! With the exclamation points. We love to chill in a party chat with the dudes with our dicks out and just slam down on some other dudes playing. I wouldn't mind sucking a dick or two while playing this to be honest, I feel like it would flow really well.

  • Homosexaul agenda in this game?

    Repent repent all who play this game, First of all its shit next of all its secretly starting to give you attraction to dudes, Gross! , No thank you! The girls in the game are not even cool i won't date so i won't, Please don't play the game it will make you gay.

  • No stop accusing others

    Why do you like calling people homo. You are just like rielly from the boondocks. You call everything gay but the one who is likely to be gay is rielly. You problably like to be in the company of men more than women. Just let them play thier games in peace or would you rather have them clog up the popular games.

  • No, It doesn't

    It does not make you homosexual and that is because it is better than Fortnite. Why play Fortnite when you have rainbow six siege and an ash can enter objective litteraly 3 seconds after the round starts. That is why playing Rainbow Six Seige does not make you highly homo.

  • Only if the socks are off

    Ive played one game of rainbow six seige and i thought it would make me gay because it says rainbow in the name but i am not gay so yeah. Also i was wearing socks and its only gay if the socks are off. And i still need to write six more words so frick frick frick frick frick frick

  • Whatever Morgan plays is gay.

    So one day there was this guy named Morgan and he bought soom games innit and then they turned gay and stuff so lol u is all gay now cause morgan and stoof :P Morgan likes playing games such as soock zee deeck ;;;;3333 nom nom nom goes zee morgan to travis

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