• Better sports !!!!

    Team sports are way better than induvidual because you can work with others and if you get hurt someone can go in for you and its a team effort w ww ww w w w ww w w w w www w w w w w w w ww w

  • Team Sports Encourage Working With Others

    Everyone has heard the saying, "there is no I in team." School-aged children, people attending universities, and adults, engaging in a form of recreation, as a means of enjoying any free time, they might have for such activities, greatly benefit, by participating in something, which requires direct, honest communication, among members of their team, for winning strategies to play out, as planned, producing desired outcomes. Team sports encourage the development and strengthening of communication skills, which are crucial, for success in the professional world.

  • Yes, team sports help with character building

    Team sports do indeed help with building good character. They build team work principles, valuable social skills, and various other traits. But at the same time a team sport enviroment can be detrimental to a person. If he is unskilled, his worth to the team is placed on how unskilled he is.

  • Yes, it does.

    In most people team sports can help develop good team character. Not to say that other things can't, but team sports really gets people to work together for the benefit of the whole team, rather than a single individual. Team sports get players to work and practice together all of the time creating an understanding of working together as a team.

  • Yes, playing team sports can help develop good character.

    I think that when a person plays a team sport from an early age, it can help teach that individual to help achieve a common goal with his or her team mates. It teaches them to fight for something not just for themselves, but for others as well. I think that playing a team sport has helped my character.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, I think that playing a team sport greatly increases disipline and a persons character. I think that kids who played sports grow up to be the leaders of society, and keep good team values through their whole life. They have been trained to respect each other like a brother.

  • Could injury your kid or someone

    Kids died from playing team sports and that they need to be safe so team sports is like suicide to ur kids. If ur kid is dead then what u going to do about it call the cops or what you should let them playsafe sports not killer sports so team sports is not safe at all.

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