Does playing video games lead to bad behavior in children?

  • No video games!

    My 9 year old son plays video games, and his behaviour has been very bad during playing. He yells, screams, and is very hateful when playing Nintendo DS, especially when he's losing in Mario Kart 7. I do not recommend video games for children. It is also very hard to get him to stop playing it for more than 10 minutes.

  • Video game cause bad influence

    Children are like white paper, if you want it black, it'll be black. if you want it blue, it'll be blue. Do you believe children will not follow what was in a video game? No, I don't think so. According to CNN news, Violent video game cause really bad behavior to children because they believe that what they are doing was right.

  • This is not a question of parenting.

    This is a question whether violent video games lead to bad behavior. Which they do, influentially and indirectly. I find it disturbing and a bad behavior when a child gets excited because he or she managed to murder someone, or when she or he have fun beating a random citizen walking in the streets, virtually or not, this is quite disturbing. For them to be perfectly parented as the cons would suggest is for them to not enjoy these game simply because they are too violent and too aggressive. The perfect parenting the contenders are suggesting is mythical and I'm starting to think they are referring to adults rather than children. There is no way psychologically, a child that is virtually praised for murdering someone therefore satisfying his need, getting a kick out of it i.e. having fun and not be influenced in any way. Impossible to conceive of such utopian notions.

  • I think video games cause bad behavior in children.

    Video games not only cause bad behavior but also violence. When a child play's, they would be too attached to the game their playing, and forget their homework, disobey their parents and even cause pain to others. In our generation, there's so much electronics and gaming systems that kids often play video games then enjoy a beautiful day outside. This can send a wrong message to a child.

  • I am a fellow child and I think that playing video games leads to bad behavior

    I have a friend who likes playing halo and earn to die and lots of games that have an M rating. and every day when hoes at school he likes to talk about death, shooting, and zombies. and he dose this in front of kinder gardeners 1, 2, 3, and I think that is a bad example for smaller children

  • Without question

    I never really thought it had much impact on behavior UNTIL I limited my son to a max of one hour a day (he was playing after school for about 3 hours once he got his homework done and about 5 hours on weekend).
    What I noticed is that within two days his behavior had improved considerably. At this point i still thought it was a fluke. Then over the course of several weeks he lost interest all together in playing video games everyday. He figured its no fun since he was only limited to an hour.
    So we began doing much more outdoor activities-playground, archery, slingshots, playing ball, bike riding etc.
    His behavior change was like night and day. The moodiness and outbursts are nearly non-existent now.
    I am not so sure if it does in teenagers but definitely in the 6-12 age range.
    If you don't believe it, dare you to try it for yourselves. Unplug them over the weekend (beginning Friday) and see what happens.
    At first they are going to fight you on it--like they are going through "withdrawals" then they'll calm down.

  • I experienced this myself.

    Over a span of 2-3 years i played extremely violent viedo games. With level of M and where in the games there wasn't a time where there wasn't a time without blood on the screen. After 5 years of this i got to high school and stopped because i needed to focus on school. Keep in mind during my violent game stage i was rude and slacking in school. When i stopped i became less violent and focused in school more. Im not saying stop playing games, im just saying try to limit the violence.

  • It influence the child to become more agressive

    There are many kids of video games and the most interessting once to children are the war games, and the killing games. The it has been studied that violent games do effect on the childrens childhood and encouage him to do wrong things in life. If I were to go to a toy store or even more commonly video-games store, the first thing I would see is either a man holding a gun and killing or a man that is killed with a gun. Regarding the video-games store, every since video games were published, it’s always the violent games that are commonly bought for the children and they are games like; Counter-strike, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty

  • particularly some kids

    I have four kids- three adopted; none share the same genetic material, but all have lived in our home since birth. Two are generally self-controlled, careful, thoughtful, overall aware of others, even after an hour or two of media. Another is basically so, but can get hyper after some kinds of media exposure. The fourth and youngest (now almost 12) is unable to transition from any kind of visual media to "real life" without problems. Games with flashing lights and random sounds produce the worse behavior; manga/animated videos and TV programs come next; programs with real people doing real things are by far the easiest to come off of. We've had some testing done, and he seems to have ADD in addition to some other auditory processing issues, but the psychiatrists we've talked to haven't had a lot of insight into it either.

  • Parents need to be in charge of what their kids do....

    So this means cutting out violent movies and video games. These things do not CAUSE bad behavior, but they do send subliminal messages. Children especially, are very impressionable and are subject to these messages of violence as an everyday, normal activity. Violent anything is not a good idea for children to view. Once they are older and have a better understanding and discernment then they can decide for themselves what to consider as 'entertainment' or not.

  • No.

    Violent video games do not cause a child to become aggressive or be violent. For one, there are ratings which should be controlled by a parent. There is no reason why a five year old child should be playing something like Grand Theft Auto. It all comes down to whether the parent allows a child to get away with bad behavior, then they find that the kid plays call of duty, so instead of taking personal responsibility for raising your kid and what they play, its easier for someone to blame a gaming developer or the gaming community.

  • It doesn't!

    If you play video games for about an hour, it tends to calm you down because all the stress has been spent on playing video games.
    Studies have shown video games satisfies people’s needs because you get tired looking at the screen for too’s a good tip G is for 0 – 7 year olds PG is for 8– 14 and M is for 14 and 15 and then there’s MA that’s 15 plus but there are about one our two R games and that’s 18 and over.

  • Here we go.

    The ESRB gives people WARNING by plainly stating on the cover of the game what age groups a specific game is meant for. Not all video games have the player killing things and blowing stuff up. Not all movies are about sex and violence. Every child is different and some are able to handle more mature situations. This can depend on the parent, and sometimes it doesn't. I agree with the idea that violent individuals are drawn to violent vidoe games, but see, this depends on the person. You don't need video games to create a violent person, sometimes it's in a child's more aggressive nature. Though, yes, children do soak up experiences like a sponge, but that does not mean every single child that plays a video game will turn into a violent person. Perhaps it is best to say generally M-rated video games have a high chance of influencing a child towards bad behavior. The same would go for allowing a child to see an R-rated movie or an adult show, but one can not say "movies lead to bad behavior in children" because that's just silly; it's too vague of a point, thus making it incorrect. Again, though, it depends on the individual child. Some are able to play violent video games at a young age and become a morally neutral/good person as they grow. Vidoe games −even some of the ridiculously violent ones− can teach moral and life lessons, even if it's as simple as "this is the bad, and this is the good", and can create a rich and fufilling experience for all ages..... but that doesn't mean they all will. What we have to realize is that there is still a possibility that allowing a child excessively play a violent video game will influence them just as a violent movie or show would. Parenting is unfortunately tied into the equation, as they could easily take away the violent game, or simply not buy games that they feel their kid can't handle. Though some parents may feel that their child can handle the mature stuff. So for the third and last time, it depends on the individual.

  • Video games in general don't cause violent behavior

    If children play violent video games, it does make them more likely to be violent, but as said in some other articles, a lack of discipline is what causes kids to follow the example of some video games. In fact, some video games demote violence, and can even be educational, so saying that video games in general promote violence is false.

  • Logical Fallacies 101

    1. Some children play video games
    2. Some video games are violent
    3. Playing violent video games makes you violent
    the third is a false conclusion, for the same reason that driving a car doesnt make you a car, just because you are pretending to do these acts, doesnt mean that you actually plan to do them, or that they influence your life in some way.

  • No actual proof

    Playing video games doesn't lead to bad behaviour— Bad parenting and lack of self discipline does. And the only reason why most people blame video games for child or teen violence is because there seems to be a trend, which hasn't even been scientifically proven. For example, if you ask group of people out on a picnic and every time a guy named Tim comes along, it rains. If he doesn't come along, the weather's fine. Human instinct is to look out for patterns, see if there are any breaks in the pattern and jump to conclusions in blaming whatever seems like the cause. In this case, the convenient subject of blame would be video games.

  • Children can sometimes be smarter than you think

    No because most people or as you would say CNN or scientific studies prove that children have bad behavior
    when playing video games. But the basis of these studies are on a group of children specifically on the younger group of children as they are easily manipulated with video games or Tv shows. But if you have good parenting or the child is in an older age group then they would be much more mature and they won't have this bad behavior. Most of the times i'd say that it's the parents fault not giving them discipline.

  • My theory - the other way around

    Videogames does not cause violence - the fact that some people are naturally violent, will lead to violent people playing the games, which means that if you do statistics, then yes, there will be that kind of antagonists. But they are not converted by the games - they are rather drawn to the content.

  • Video games are harmless...

    so long as they aren't replacing the parents. Games can be a way to socialize, a way to unwind, and a way to learn. Parents should take an interest in their kids' hobbies and encourage them to take away the right things from their entertainment... and maybe to go outside once in a while.

    Posted by: Pazu
  • Video game playing does not lead to bad behavior in children, as long as they are supervised.

    Video games are not bad for children. If a video game raises the child and the parent does not teach the child good morals and skills then, yes, the video game could be bad. That is not necessarily a case of the video game being bad, but only bad parenting skills.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73

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