• Yes, of course it does.

    Does poetry still matter? Of course it does! Poetry, much like art, is a healthy and creative way for people to express themselves. To write in their own rhythm using words that describe things in ways a regular story or document could not. Poetry is very important, and does matter.

  • Poetry will always matter.

    Poetry is not an age-related thing. It is about life, about emotion, about personal expression, just as music and art and other artistic forms. Poetry is as necessary as the breath of life because it allows one to express one's feelings, and allows another to realize that they are not alone in their own feelings; that they are shared.

  • Poetry will matter as long as people still use language.

    Poetry will matter as long as people still have language/
    The words we write can ease our pain and settle down our anguish/
    It allows expression, by use of words, through visual images or audible sounds/
    So long as people can think for themselves, poetry will matter and still be around.

  • Yes, poetry still matters.

    Yes, I think that poetry still matters, and should still be taught in English classes in high school and middle schools. I think that poetry challenges readers to think at a higher level, and also infuses creativity into other people's writing, which is why poetry still matters nowadays especially at the high school level.

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