• Political correctness is bad

    Political correctness stifles academic freedom because teachers might be afraid to teach the truth if it offends a group of people. People have become so sensitive to things they belief are hurtful they do not want to hear the facts, even if it is the truth. This needs to stop.

  • Yes,political correctness does limit academic freedom.

    Yes,political correctness does limit academic freedom.Scholars in the academic community need to feel like they can publish their valid work without having to worry about being politically correct.Once someone is forced to be politically correct they may not be as passionate about their work and may fail to put their full effort into it.

  • Political correctness is a dangerous force in the academy

    In an effort to be accepting of all backgrounds and cultures, schools at all levels often accept the notion that people must be politically correct. This can have wide ranging effects that limit the vibrancy and diversity of opinion in the academy, which is very dangerous. Schools should allow all opinions to be voiced, criticized, and defended, and should not prevent any unpopular opinions from being stated in the first place.

  • Limits on Speech

    There are a lot of small things that we do to our freedom's that hurt and punish the rest of our society. One of the violators of our freedom involves how we censor ourselves. The truth of the matter is that offending a small portion of the crowd is a poor excuse to give up your ability to speak your mind.

  • There is an enormous pressure on academics to respect PC

    From the classroom to the departmental meeting, PC is an actual pressure. If an academic states even a fact or reality and a student from a certain group does not like it, the risk of being accused of discrimination or even harassment is very high. Today many academics prefer not to say as it is, they make things 'neutral' and there is a deep sense of fear. Indeed the stronger danger comes from within academia not outside. It is in the classroom, in the department, in the faculty and so on, that most of the pressure to change research results or teaching even facts that might be 'disliked' by the dogmatic is killing academic freedom.

  • Political Correctness often based on subjective measures

    Political correctness is often quantified by whether or not a comment, the treatment of a subject, or an instructor's tone caused hurt feelings. The problem with feelings is that they are subjective. Almost anything we say or do in our daily lives might offend someone or hurt someone's feelings--and it's not always possible to predict every "trigger" or "microaggression" that could offend someone. Nowadays, one person's hurt feelings are taking precedence over academic freedom to teach challenging material, basic historical facts, works of literature, and to maintain basic order in a classroom setting. This ultimately damages the quality of instruction professors can offer to students and sets a dangerous standard for employees, who may have built an academic career over a long period of time and could lose their jobs over one misinterpreted comment or over the wrong "tone."

  • not at all

    No, it is not making any difference to the ways that a teacher can talk by having them to use language that is not going to end up offending a person that may be in the class that they are teaching right then, it is a good thing to have.

  • No just bad science

    You can measure black people and white people for IQ scores and the IQ of women and men. What is wrong is when someone just makes general unsupported claims. They use a small sample size and are unclear about how they obtained their results.
    Like they could have used white college students and for black people they could have picked normal people. Then throw out outliers and are just plain shady.
    Then you people do not look for who did the study. Was it a study done by white supremacists? They they have a history of lying? Like smoking does not cause cancer and this GMO or vaccine does not give you cancer. And they do not ask why. Living in Alabama without plumbing can get you infected with worms and make you slow.
    Academic research is not hindered by PC but by the Koch brothers and the Rockefeller and all those old rich white dudes.

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