• At the root to America's unfolding implosion!!

    Pay for play, govt agency capture, bait/switch legislations used as cover/shield for corporations inflicting intentional torts upon workers!!! Me- unknowingly walked into a hostile work environment back in 10/'06 followed by unprovoked persecution that nearly killed me but left me unable to work & no accountability!! I lost everything I spent over 20yrs becoming & obtaining. I'm traumatized & paralyzed since understanding first hand after painstakingly & feverishly connecting the dots. Now finding someone in authority who is willing to TAKE THIS ON FOR WHAT IT IS; National Security Breach by powerful, opportunistic, narcissistic, white collar domestic terrorists~

  • To Allow Political Lobbying Is A Mistake

    Political lobbying has always been a problem because they are allowed to give large donations to people in office or seeking office. Although this is not supposedly buying votes, it certainly appears that way to the general public and is probably true in a lot of instances. I believe lobbyists should be banned from Capitol Hill and limited in donations they are allowed to give. Either that, or banned period, and donations be from private individuals, transparent in scope, and limited.

  • Make lobby illegal.

    Lobbyism=bribery should be illegal.

    Money talk does not represent the population. It represent the criminals, those who spray us with chemical trails (chemtrails), those who committed 911 The Inside Job, those who keep on committing all those false flag events, those who want to control the food supply, those such as Monsanto etc. etc. too many to mention. Not only make lobbying illegal, but limit size of any corporation.

  • Lobbying Encourages Corporate-Friendly Laws

    Lobbying gives corporations and the very wealthy an unfair advantage in the legal and financial system by allowing them more control over new laws and fund allocation than everyone else. Lobbyists encourage politicians to control public funds and policy for the benefit of private interests that are often not helpful or even harmful for average people.

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