• Yes, it shows technological competence.

    Politicians today look considerably better then there counterpart when they choose to use the Internet not only does this improve the debate with there constituents, it makes the congressman look more transparent and likable. The use of the Internet is a great tool to stay in touch with young voters and appear much more savvy.

  • Yes, anything that gets them on the radar does

    I think the use of social medias would benefit them greatly. If they don't use them and they are available, why even run? They are out there for a reason, if you can't use them properly then get out of the race. I doubt the candidate is doing the work himself,but his interns or whoever should push this use.

  • Yes, social media is the forefront of young voters attention

    Yes, with the use of social media, young voters easily believe anything they see on the Internet. Young voters would not pay attention to debates so politicians would be smart to use social media as a way to entice them to vote for them. Social media is so readily available to use, making it a good place for politicians to start.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe politicians' increased use of social media makes them better liked by young voters. I have yet to see a politician fully utilize social media. While they may have an account, and a profile, they don't interact through these platforms like the standard citizen does. In order for politicians to be better liked they're going to actually have to care about the people's input, not just act like they care.

  • No, social media is not the reason way some politicians are more liked by young voters.

    Young voters as a block are more likely to identify with other young people, and young people tend to use social media, while an older person using the same thing will be viewed ass out of step with there own time, and just trying to fit in with the younger people.

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