• Well super duh

    And and and its getting worse so bad its going to super heat the planet and make it explode like a hand grenade or a hot tamale. . It may even be too late we may be doomed. Doomed I say! It may just be too late so blame the climate deniers for our demise

  • I agrre huhu

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  • Don't cause pollution

    So my first reason for how humans affect the environment is that they cause pollution. For example when people throw plastic. People use plastic everyday, And some of them just throw it away. And since plastic is made up of dangerous chemicals, When people throw them, Animals eat them and die. It also causes land pollution along with waste. Also people end up throwing plastic into the oceans, Which endangers marine life. It can also backfire at us. For example if a fish eats some plastic floating around, And a fisherman catches it. Then he sells it and people will buy it, And eat it at home and plastic will enter our body. Air pollution is mostly caused by airplanes and factories. Some factories releases a lot of smoke, When it burns something. So these are the main examples of how humans affect the environment.

  • It is good and also bad for us

    Because without pollution we can't do anything if we drive a vehicle it cause pollution my main point is without pollution everything is impossible but it is harmful to nature .One day our earth will damage badly and we all will die at the last I want to say that "save earth, save life"..............................,..................................................

  • Because i want

    Pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural surroundings, which produce changes that affect our community. These are the key elements or components of pollution which are generally waste materials of different forms. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With modernization and development in our lives pollution has reached its peak giving rise to global warming and human illness. Every other day new industries are being set up, new vehicles come on roads and trees are cut to make way for new homes.
    Everybody knows that pollution has a very bad effect in the environment. If you want to have a better plant folow this steps: If you use a lot the car start using more the bicycle that does not contaminate and is good for your own fisic. A sensible idea would be to stop using oil and non renewable energies and use more renewable energies.
    It is clear that people pollute and doesn't care about the consequences. There many reason why it is bad for the environment, people, animals, nature, etc.
    Would you like to end up being like the animals that are affected?

  • We are a part of nature. Treat it like that

    When humans were first placed on this earth, they had no factories that made them shoes and clothes and pants. They had rocks sticks and stones. Pollution has only become a problem because people have been careless. We can live just fine in nature and without all of our tv's smartphones and wifi.

  • Pollution is bad

    Think about it the rate level of the pollution is up to 80% which is insane. There is things in the pollution that can kill us although i won't deny that the factories give us things we need but we can get fresh meet cute just without factories stop we are killing nature and this is our planet our environment we can't just sit with our hands in your side stop pollution or there will be no Earth Save our Earth right now.

  • Yes bad for nature

    My partner eva and i think polluting is bad for nature and as well for humans and animals it can cause diseases for children elders and people with heart or lung disease polluting is caused by the most destructive things humans,cars,and factories. If we want to protect this world and the living things on this planet. We need to make an effort.

  • Pollution is killing earth!!!

    Nature cannot really self destruct. Humans have taken over and are harming our own planet for stuff we take for granted! We hurt Mother Earth by releasing pollutants from factories into the sky, logging, and illegal poaching of endangered animals. Man does all of these things just to satisfy temporary needs! Soon, Earth will be gone.

  • Humans are destroying earth!!!

    Nature cannot harm itself, and we as humans have taken over the world and are slowly destroying it by polluting, logging, and illegal poaching. Though we are not fully responsible for this, as some animals are also destructive, we have to take blame for pollution and at least make and effort to slow it down.

  • We Are Nature

    I hate people talking about "nature" and "the environment" and "pollution". As far as I am concerned, I am the environment, I am on Earth like every other person, animal, and plant. There is no difference between nature and man.

    When I throw a rock, that is natural.
    When I hunt for deer, that is natural.
    When I drive to work, that is natural.
    When I watch TV, that is natural.
    When I turn up the heat, that is natural.

    As long as you do something objectively and for your own sake JUST AS ANIMALS AND PLANTS DO, it is natural. I am the environment, you are are the environment, and so is every other individual. I am working for my own sake when I go to work or eat a steak or take a shower. That means it is a natural occurence.

  • I'm simply standing in the "No" position because the "Yes" side is so crowded. O(n.N)o

    Well, a 100% tells nothing about how many persons are against pollution, so I guess one person needs to at least be in the "No" side to make it more appealing (so that everyone can bombard me with thoughts of pollution)

    Technically, the nature can mean life, or it can also simply means everything that exists. If it is the first meaning, then pollution does harm nature. But if it also includes the whole universe, then pollution does no harm at all to the universe. By the law of conservation of energy, nothing can be created nor destroyed. The mechanism of pollution is that it reduces valuable resources we every earth organisms need to survive, it is the "chain reactions" of pollution that would cause life to extinct. But the universe still exist, and the products of pollution are still valuable to the universe itself as they are still forms of energy. So, technically, pollution does no harm to nature.


  • Shut up commys

    Plastic makes up many important things and we do need to be careful but we also need do have legos, Therefore. Legos helped me through a difficult time in life, Considering suicide i turned to legos. These helped me see there was meaning to life also if your face is made of plastic that sucks

  • I am stating NO for a counter point of view

    So using the YES side logic where humans cause pollution and they need to solve it does the same apply to ducks who pollute the lawns and lakes by pooping all over and in it? Should we retrain the ducks not to do that or just shoot them? Lol

    Of coarse pollution harms nature to some degree, but I think a better way of looking at this problem is can nature rebound from pollution and how quickly does it do so?

    I remember very well how the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska was considered a pollution disaster that would take decades if not centuries to be solved and environmentalists were crying like there was no tomorrow. But if you go to Alaska now the oil spill has been taken care of by nature and disintegrated and nature restored itself.

    We do not need dooms day "prophets" like Al Gore to sound the alarm. All we need to do is make small contributions to polluting less and nature will do the rest.

  • Pollution changes nature, not harms it.

    What is nature? Nature is arguably the totality of the environmental processes on Earth. To say that pollution harms nature is wrong. Nature cannot be 'harmed' in the true sense of the word. Once the environment becomes polluted, then that pollution then becomes part of the totality of nature. In this sense, the pollution itself is also an act of nature, it does not harm nature, although it may harm human civilization. Let's look at it from another perspective. The Earth is billions of years old and has recovered from a lot worse than what humans are currently doing to it. In fact, our pollution is just a temporary shiver on this planet that has survived cataclysm after cataclysm. Do you really think a bunch of plastic is going to spell doom for nature?

  • Pollution kills nature

    This kills the earth and it will keep killing it if we don't stop. Also We will eventually kill ourselves. Gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g gg g g g g g g g

  • Pollution? What ...?

    Yes i agree with the statement made by the accountant .......Yes people pollute but the whole universe is not itself polluted .....The nature is 2 responsible for this....So we cannot say exactly that human pollute it! But yes we should try to stop this happening nevertheless it is our nation our earth our universe!

    At last stop pollution

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