Does pop music have a negative influence on children?

  • Bad role modelling for childrens

    When i see or hear music videos most of the lyrics are about partying, hangovers, twerking, boobs, ass, being pretty and having a partner is the only thing that matters, don't get me wrong i like girls too but this is just another easy way to influence young girls to become W****S, i just saw I'm all about that bass song, Shake it off song and Anaconda song.
    It was terrible the 3 songs was all about twerking and other things.
    Looking back at some song lyrics like Ke$ha - Tik Tok it says "Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack" Meaning Jack as in the alcohol, in the video it also shows Ke$ha was waking up from a Hangover or a party with an Alcohol in the background, there were a couple of things in the video which is inappropriate for the public.
    I could just imagine kids looking up to them and follow their footsteps and be like them and then ruin another generation of kids.
    If you think that I'm some kind of boring old man that has no life well your wrong I'm an high school student who's in a rugby team that has lots friends.

  • Inappropriate For children

    I can't tell you how many times I see young children sing about getting wasted, or hating to be sober. Twerking was also made by the perverted pop singers, that encourage young children to shake their butts in a sexual manner. It makes me angry that people allow this kind of music to brain wash their children, rock, country, and classical music is entertaining, and doesn't display sexual themes (Excluding Romantic Songs), The way mainstream country is going, its pop without the crude meaning.

  • Encourages a negative lifestyle

    A lot of modern pop music is highly charged with sexuality and corporate worship rather than empowerment, and this is a deeply negative influence. It encourages a lifestyle that many working class people will find unattainable and skews children's perceptions toward a view of reality that differs quite a bit from how the way things in this world actually work.

  • Some of the songs are too "mature" for kids

    Pop music is pervasive. Many songs kids hear contain lyrics about sex, drugs, drinking etc. While a lot of kids don't really understand what they're hearing and repeating, they are still being exposed to themes they aren't really ready for. Some may think it funny to hear a 4 year old sing about getting wasted in Las Vegas, or our about oral sex, but when a 14 year old is doing the same it's really not amusing.

  • Pop music has a negative influence on children.

    Pop music has a negative effect on children and they should not listen to it. Children should listen to music that is good for them. Pop music is commercial and it often focuses on themes that are antisocial or overly sexual. Kids should not be permitted to listen to these adult themes.

  • Pop music will make children dumber.

    Why is pop music so … popular? Is it mere exposure effect, It’s mostly upbeat and catchy character or are there more factors accountable for its high praise? Many people say that, But pop music is just catchy as it is repetitive. But it may not be so popular if you realise that it makes you dumber and more stupid.

  • Its unhealthy especially for those who understand the lyrics

    Pop music is listened to by most teenagers who are about wander around and observe the world without the help of their parents. They have hormonal problems also and pop music harms them sexually by increasing the hormonal secretion and by deceiving them with their obnoxious faces and the false view of the world. However, the commercial pop musics, at least the famous ones, don't talk about any kind of gory truth or how we can improve it.

  • Pop Music might as well be mind poison.

    I would have to say, these recent songs, about nothing but sex and drugs, are a horrific role model for young children. It makes them think it is okay when they get older and begin to understand the lyrics better. THEY NEED SOME SORT OF FILTER ON THE RADIO! Seriously.

  • An old point

    Popular music corrupts the young: this is an argument that, contrary to what people think, actually goes back hundreds of years. People complained that literature - what is considered high culture today - corrupted its readers before the 18th and 19th centuries. Pop culture is always feared by those outside it.

  • Pop Music Not Negative for Children

    In reality, pop music doesn't necessarily have a negative influence on children. A child can listen to pop music and maybe learn wrong things from the lyrics. Children more often than not don't really pay attention to the lyrics or don't understand them. Therefore, pop music doesn't have much of an effect.

  • Take away children's pop music if you want to see negative influence.

    The debate whether pop music has a negative influence on children has been going on as long as we have had pop music. If children are raised with good values they have the tools to filter out any content that might be negative. Trying to keep them away from pop music will only cause them to resist and cause more damage than the pop music itself ever could have.

  • No, pop music does not have a negative influence on children.

    Although it could be argued that the content of some pop songs is questionable, children don't often pay attention to what the words of songs mean. If anything, pop music is a way to entertain children while also improving their musical abilities and adding to their vocabularies. It does not have a marked, negative influence on children that I can think of.

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