• I truly believe that pornography is mainly responsible for sex violence .

    There was not much rape cases or illegal child sex two decades before. When Internet came, pornography slowly entered into every household. This has affected our youth mindset and it has increased rape victims, child sex abuse and so on.

    Pornography affects us both physically and mentally indirectly. It has degraded the society especially women's image very badly.

    Posted by: Anbu Vadivelu
  • yes they should stop it

    thats nasty and morally wrong

  • I believe pornography degrades our society. It encourages the degradation of women by propagating the notion that they are too be viewed as objects.

    If a man looks at pornography, he is not looking at a woman AS a woman. He is simply seeing the woman in a sexual nature, only to be used as an object to attain sexual gratification. Since it is available in such volumes, excessive use could cause some men to become detached from fantasy, and start treating women in this way in real life.

    Posted by: goofrank
  • Ungodly behavior always degrades a nation and it's people.

    Any behavior, whether it be pornography, homosexuality, lying, adultery, fornication (sex outside of marriage), the list goes on and on, all are unGodly and all are part of an immoral degradation of people. It is only through the living of an upright and righteous lifestyle, being right with God, can man experience the peace, joy, and love he so longs for.

  • Pornography is degrading to society.

    Pornography makes people more promiscuous. The people who stare at this pornography degrade themselves to no end. Why would people want to watch others in these acts? It teaches people that these things are okay and acceptable behavior. Then, people want to go out and try and re-enact these things in their everyday lives. Men and women are cheating on their husbands and wives all the time. There is no sanctity of marriage anymore. Women are wearing clothes that barely cover any part of themselves. Show a little respect for yourselves.

    Posted by: babydollxix
  • Pornography harms are society by spreading immoral values.

    Pornography is harmful to our society for a number of reasons. Pornography harms our basic respect for other human beings, degrades women, and undermines family values. Ideas of disrespect and immorality are then brought into other realms, such as the family unit and the workplace and, eventually, corrodes our entire system.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • Internet porn should be filtered

    Porn belongs in the Adults Only section of an Adult book/video store. It is not acceptable in our society that porn is freely available on the Internet for viewing of all ages.

    The availability of porn on the Internet is causing a severe degradation of our society. It is ruining relationships. It is contributing to domestic violence, child abuse, and rape. It is irresponsible for members of congress to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this serious problem.

  • Yes absolutely!

    All the arguments you need are in this website. Testimony after testimony of people who say porn has ruined their sex life and what it took to recover. Porn ruins the brain, the one sex organ we need to be functioning healthily as men and women. Porn dehumanizes the act to something to be watched rather than something to be experienced.

  • Immoral loss of family values

    Porn slowly degrades a person's life and porn is in no way indicative of an actual loving intimate relationship. Instead of focusing on one's life and trying to make it better or even rebuild something that may be lost, porn takes hold. It steal away time, energy and even money but above all it slowly injects and desensitized us to love and kindness. (Look at the many porn addicts and just listen to their stories, all started out slow and ended up with either broken lives or on the road to being broken).

  • Pornography is degrading our society because its normalization is causing people to expect unrealistic, hedonistic things of their own relationships.

    STDs and infidelity is on the rise, and while I don't feel that blaming pornography should be the knee-jerk reaction, it is being used as an excuse by many self-affirmed "sexaholics" and people who prefer to use abortion as birth control. The fantasy of pornographic relationships has now spilled into real life, and with celebrities holding up their infidelities as examples, it's become a way to reward degrading behavior in society, with some actor's latest mistress being paid tens of thousands of dollars for a story about her knowingly illicit affair. Society is going downhill because people are buying porn as reality, instead of a fantasy.

    Posted by: R053Neddy
  • No

    All good things have their downside. If you eat too many sweets you may have caries. If you watch too much porn you may suffer hypersexuality. I’m the first to admit that we live in an over sexualized society. Sex is everywhere: ads, music video, TV show … and then there is porn. As part of our adult life we all have performed sex. This is, among other things, why we are here in earth. Therefore we should forget this old taboo which considers sex as bestiality. I’m pretty confident that people can decide for themselves how they want to live their sexuality. For a large majority, countries which have banned porn websites are authoritarian ones. Sexuality is a right that we should not restrict.

  • Pornography is a natural and healthy release and does not degrade society.

    Like many other things, pornography can be abused. However, if used in a reasonable manner so as to not interfere with schooling, work or relationships, pornography is a healthy release. Societal sexual repression and religious conservatism is at the root of the belief that pornography is a destructive, degrading sin.

    Posted by: SlyHymie
  • No, pornography does not degrade our society.

    People as a whole have fetishes. These fetishes are ones in which they don't necessarily want in reality, but enjoy fantasizing about. I think that's exactly the basis of porn. Its allowing people to have something that is unattainable to them. I don't see the problem with that, and I definitely do not think its degrading.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Pornography does not degrade our society as long as parents raise children correctly.

    Pornography is often cited as a source of societal degradation. However, pornography can only degrade those who do not possess a strong moral compass. Early in life, parents can instill in children a sense of right and wrong; seeing pornography later in life cannot override this early life experience. External factors should not be blamed for degrading society -- if anything they are a sign of other factors that led to degradation, like poor parenting on the part of those making the pornography.

    Posted by: MiIBoot
  • I do not believe pornogrophy degrades our society and I will continue to hold this belief until there is firm evidence to the contrary.

    Many of the reasons for the opposing view can be disproven.

    1) Women have, for a vast amount of human history, been viewed in a negative light and as lesser than men, the Victorians did it, the Chinese did it, the Muslims did it, Christians did it; in fact, people from all of the afore mentioned groups still do it.

    2) Many women have benefited from the porn business, namely pornstars; in porn women make 3 times as much money as men.

    and 3) there are male porn stars and there is male porn.

  • I believe pornography does not degrade our society. What one chooses to do in private should not define our level of decency.

    Some people may feel uncomfortable with pornographic images or videos, but censorship almost always protects those who do not wish to lay eyes on pornography. As far as the content of pornography, everybody involved in the images or videos is eighteen or older, and everybody involved consents to sexual activity. We already have laws against child pornography and rape.

    I'd bet money that nine out of ten people who say they dislike pornography in public are only doing so out of shyness. In private, they love indulging in the stimulation. As long as we're not hurting others, what we do in private should not be considered immoral or degrading.

    Posted by: 5cr33Kend
  • I do not agree that pornography degrades our society because it provides an outlet for desires and fantasies that would otherwise become problematic.

    I believe that pornography holds a very important place in our society by functioning as a release valve for pent-up sexual aggression in both genders. As long as the use of pornography does not extend into an addiction or into areas considered inappropriate it should not cause a problem at all. The only types of pornography that is a problem is that sort that is exploitative and created in an illegal manner. Otherwise, the use of pornography only provides an outlet to normal individuals that would not normally be fulfilled in every day life.

    Posted by: VampireShu
  • Pornography between consenting adults does nothing to degrade our society, as sexuality is a natural part of our existence.

    There is nothing shameful about pornography when it abides by laws of consent. It has been proven that much of the pornography that at first appears illegal -- for example, using "teens" -- is actually perfectly legal. Upon reading the fine-print, legal pornography will always use those over the age of consent and simply dress them to appear younger.

    Various studies show that sexual pleasure is a vital part of keeping one mentally healthy. For those that have no other outlet, being able to watch pornography or read erotica fulfills that need. There are also very interesting studies that have shown that there are some people who have a specific personal need to be paid for nudity or sexual acts and that this fetish is the only way they find personal pleasure, and others that can only find satisfaction through exhibitionism. While this may be hard to fathom for those without these fetishes, it is clear that being involved in this industry -- when safe & legal -- is a healthy way for them to be sexually fulfilled.

    Legal pornography does not degrade society as it is an absolute choice to view or read it. With legal pornography, there is always consent and no one is unwilling to be partaking in it. Likewise, there is no force to view or read pornography and those who disapprove have the power to choose not to seek it out.

    Posted by: MitP4rty
  • No it doesn't.

    What is porn? It is videos of what every couple do at home. Why should we be ashamed of what brought us into the world in the first place? If porn degrades us, we should be extinct, because sex degrades us. Porn doesn't degrade our society. Stop pretending we don't need sex.

  • It does not degrade our morals.

    From my perspective most aspects of life are taught. Morals included. If you teach children the correct morals to live by then you do not have problems that many people rave about in relation to this topic. Everyone claims that porn is extremely degrading especially to women, but seem to ignore the fact that men participate also. How can you ignore that fact? Men are not just perverted pigs as they are portrayed. It's a job, and it may seem unfortunate that people have to "sink" this low to be able to provide for themselves. I think that it is an interesting position, no pun intended, to work in. Sex is a natural aspect of life that people go through it and they are more than welcome to participate as they see fit

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