Does pornography play the main role in corrupting learners' minds?

Asked by: ConanCanon
  • Pornography blocks knowledge

    According to research which has been made, a 'porn-minded' person is more forgetful than a 'clean-minded' person. Once a human being has seen a pornographic material, the information is kept in their mind forever. They are able to remember at least one of pornographic websites if they ever accessed to. We can see in our own midst, a good memorizer is always the 'clean-minded' person

  • How does this make sense?

    I would say substance abuse is the biggest corrupting learners minds, although I am just making this up for a reason. The fact is that different people have different reactions to things. For some people pornography could be a stimulant towards learning. Just remember the case of one of the greatest mathematicians to live, Paul Erdos, who only could function well when blasted on amphetamines or some other narcotic.

    Each to their own I say, but to say pornography is a main role, is naive.

  • Pornography is about as dangerous as reading the Bible.

    Pornography is about as dangerous as reading the Bible. If you watch enough of either and fervorently believe much of the content is real, and that things should be as portrayed, you can end up doing a lot of damage to yourself and to your surroundings. In moderation either is okay.

  • Moderation is a key

    Main role? Heck no. Moderate viewing of porno is okay. On the other hand with porno addicted, likely to affect learners' minds. Watching no porn doesn't mean strengthen in one's mind either. Any sexual temptation can be helped by porn or masturbation, so you can focus better on studying after you 'done'. I had access to internet or porn not until I was sophomore in high school (move to usa), i didn't do well in school before, but now i am. Im not saying porn improves my grade lol, but it doesn't affect my mind.

  • Not porn, but sex drive.

    Porn isn't responsible for corrupting learner's minds, it's the wave of hormones telling them to hump anything that moves. Every teenage boy is anxious because they always have to fight the urge to have sex. I went through that in high school, I remember how bad it was. It was hard to focus in class and it felt like I was going to die if I couldn't have any relief; thoughts of girls and potential sex couldn't escape my mind no matter how hard I tried. Of course, while thinking those thoughts, you have to suppress your emotions and appear stern as if nothing's wrong. With all this going on, how are you to expecting a student do anything more than minimally retain the information taught in school? I believe that moderate use of pornography and masturbation is healthy in keeping people mentally stable, just don't overdo it.

  • Mental laziness is the worst thing.

    For pornography to play the main role in corrupting learner's minds, one has to first presuppose that the learner has a mind which is actively engaged in constructive learning. Many learners tend not to study at all. Complete ignorance is a far worse form of "corruption" than at least paying attention to something.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-12-31T11:43:23.933
My disclaimer for my posts above: I believe people who are addicted to porn ( I mean who have little control over their porn viewing habits ) should find ways to either get it under control or kick the habit. When it becomes an addiction it's not healthy.
Constantine85 says2013-12-31T12:10:26.447
It didn't corrupt my mind, i never watch porn. Yet i learned a great deal from it growing up, which explains why i am sensational doing the business.........Porn is good!
Quan says2013-12-31T13:25:49.567
Perceiving pornography or sexuality in general as corrupt is a symptom of a corrupted mind.
Buckethead31594 says2013-12-31T19:06:12.217
Most of those who said "No" probably came here because of the picture...