Does possessing a degree have a bigger impact, on success in life, than the "cards that you were dealt"?

  • It's very competitive out there; you need all the help you can get!

    I have a degree, which I got later in life but it's certainly made it easier to get interviews and get jobs, that I want. It's tough out there in the job market and you need every edge you can get. The job I've got at the moment didn't require a degree but all of us in my team have one and I think I probably wouldn't have got position without one.
    If you have 2 applicants with similar CV's, one with a degree and the other without, you'd be more likely to choose the one with a degree. It's better value for money and it shows they have some self discipline and determination. You can still do amazing things without one but I believe your chances are less for success.

  • More Job Opportunities

    Have a degree for the average person means increased access to better jobs regardless of the field. Even a BA in basket weaving is better than nothing at all. It's like the new high school diploma and shows that you can finish something, not to mention how to read write and think. Maybe everyone shouldn't go to college but if you have the aptitude and can afford it having a degree will set you apart from the crowd and lead to better jobs.

  • Having a degree can help build your life.

    I am a single parent living in social housing with my young son. My partner, my son's dad, is currently serving 4 years in prison. If stereotypes are anything to go by, I would be claiming welfare and watching TV all day. But I want to rebuild my life and give my son a better future. I am now studying full time at university while my son is at school. He is top of his class, so I know I must be doing something right! Once I have completed my degree, I will be a primary school teacher, therefore providing for my son much more than I otherwise could. We will get a better house and be happier.

  • It increases you credibility.

    A degree not only states your academic achievement but also that you are equipped with the more than the necessary tools to perform the job to your maximum ability; that is the beauty of universities, you gain more than you bargain for, and you give more than you expected.

  • Even if you have bad luck, having a college degree brings opportunities that otherwise would not be available to you.

    I hold a college degree and can state from experience that it has helped me get the career that I wanted to pursue, including connections I made in school.

    Posted by: InexpensiveCasey35
  • I think having a degree has a bigger impact on success in life because employers like to know that an individual can complete a goal.

    I think the reason that having a degree is more important is because it acts as a pass or ticket, so to speak, into the higher levels of employment. When a person completes a degree, it is a milestone proving that they have the determination and drive to set goals and complete them.

    Posted by: TightfistedMary56
  • For most people, a degree is an important asset, but an education is even better.

    While it will not completely erase class distinctions, for the overwhelming majority of people, a degree will open up many more opportunities than they would have had without one. It is important, though, to think carefully about
    what field you get your degree in. Many students follow the path of least resistance, and wind up with degrees that do not lead to satisfying or rewarding jobs.

    Posted by: 5h4Dev
  • Possessing a degree can have a huge impact on accomplishing your professional goals.

    A degree can get your foot in the door and allow you the chance to prove your value to the field. A degree sets you apart from other applicants. Does it mean you are smarter, more qualified or somehow better? Probably not, but it does help you by giving you the opportunity to prove how truly wonderful and valuable you are. All that said, lets not undervalue the degree either. A person with a degree has taken time and money to learn the bones of a field and deserves to have some acknowledgement for their obvious foresight and desire to be a strong professional.

  • I agree that having a degree has a bigger impact on a person's success in life than the "cards they were dealt", because a degree can help one get past those cards.

    No one can control the conditions into which they are born. However, people do control their attitude and their decisions. There are many examples of people who did not let their economic or social conditions stop them from getting an education and having success in life. Success begins with an attitude and determination. If someone wants to achieve, they will.

    Posted by: ArturoM
  • Yes, because cards can change, as can the game, but skills will always remain useful.

    Even though everyone goes through periods of lucky and unlucky streaks, certain things remain unchanged. No matter what happens, knowledge one learns in college or a university can not be taken away. A degree in a useful field can help people find ways out of bad economic situations. Skills are not disposable, and if used correctly, can be more powerful than luck. Make your own luck.

    Posted by: takeaminute
  • Look at them

    A lot of people have been successful without having a degree of some sort. Look at Lil Wayne, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Michael Obama, John Cena, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Not even one of them have a degree for what they do and yet they are richer than all of us. This is not an arguable statement.

  • A degree is not the only way to have a high level of academic achievement.

    With the increase in higher level apprenticeships that are offered now, I don't think that it is fair to say that a degree will lead to success. A degree will broaden your options, depending on the degree you took, to an extent, but an apprenticeship with get you into the job you want faster and without all the debt. There are prestigious apprenticeships, such as those offered by PwC and BDO, which I know have a starting salary of about £20,000 and there is no limit to promotion. Degrees are not the be all and end all, and some people are so blinkered by societal exceptions of attending university that they don't realise that there are other, sometimes better, routes into the same career. Yes, you gain contacts and skills at university, but you also gain contacts and skills at work. The only reason, really, for having a degree is for the kudos of saying that you have a degree, and so you are 'superior' to those who do not.

  • Lord Sugar The Best

    For example,Lord Sugar left school at the age of 12.Then he saw a stall and took it.Now he is the world's richest man without studying.It's not about studying,it all depends on you.If you work very hard,of course you will get a degree and good grades.But Lord Sugar he did well in his business.

  • Given the third degree

    I've been looking for work a long time without success. Yes, I still take pride in my degree, but it has been challenged severely, due to my lack of employment as well as my failure to even get accepted into graduate school. I am what some refer to as NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training). Yet at the end of the day, I do have to consider that the energy and time that I spent in obtaining my degree could have been spent on something more practical, which probably would have had a better outcome both in employment and status. Thanks for asking me to explain.

  • getting a degree doesnt mean you will be sucess in life

    yes,everybody need an achievement in their life,same goes to having a degree,you will make everybody proud ,your family,your friend and so on,..but having a degree is not a guarantee of a person's life, nowadays there's many unemployed degree holders. the most important in life is a softskill, many people that doesnt have degree still success in ther life with their on hard work and live happily.

  • Knowing the right people will get you further in life, more than a degree.

    Unfortunately, smarts and dedication will not get you as far as knowing the right person or being born into a lot of money. Though a degree is well-respected, if you can not buy your way through this world, it is going to be a lot harder. Money is everything, here in the USA.

    Posted by: ElatedMyron96
  • I do not believe that possessing a degree has a larger impact on a person's life, more than the skills and assets with which they were born with.

    Though I do believe that a degree is always an asset, I do not believe that its impact supersedes the impact of a person's natural advantages. In other words, people that are born smart and driven will find a way to succeed, with or without a degree. Alternately, people that lack motivation are still going to struggle, even if they have a phenomenal education.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Possessing a degree does not have a bigger impact on success than the "cards that you were dealt", because advancement is based on skills.

    Possessing a degree does not have a bigger impact on success than the "cards that you were dealt". Good examples are the founders of Apple Computer. Any job has minimum entry level requirement, which are usually stated as "education, or a combination of education and experience". Advancement is basked on skill, not academic credentials.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • The cards we are dealt include a huge number of variables that collectively have an enormous impact.

    While degrees are increasingly important credentials in a range of professions, intangible factors largely derived from socialization in one's family and culture affect one's awareness of and access to a broad range of opportunities that bear on success -- including awareness of the importance of a degree itself, and the preparation that helps one obtain it. The cards one is dealt include many more variables than just the commonly raised issue of whether one hails from a wealthy background. One must consider too the prior schooling, nutrition and exercise habits, communication norms, emotional support, reading habits, arts and other extracurricular activities, health care, and other phenomena to which one has been exposed. One's sense of what is a normal and healthy way to live, and the aspirations one may reasonably harbor, are immensely related to these formative experiences in one's developmental years -- although change, including education, is always possible.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • No, Possessing a degree does not have a bigger impact on success in life, then the cards you were dealt with.

    The American dream is out the window, at this point. However, if you're willing to work for anything, you're capable of success. All you need is a good head on your shoulders. I mean, look at Bill Gates. He dropped out of college, and he's one of the richest men in the world. The degree helps you with a 9-5, but the truth is, for real success, you need a vision and common sense.

    Posted by: LorenaH

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