• Poverty draws family and friends closer together.

    Poverty makes people desperate and full of despair and when they lack something their only source of comfort and hope is in family and friends. This is so because family and friends are more likely to help if they can, as compared to other people. It is also only in the family context where one can share personal problems and feelings freely due to fear of judgement or criticism.

  • Yes, I believe poverty does draw family and friends closer

    I believe that in most cases, poverty does draw family and friend closer because the reality of not having much brings about a humbling experience. It reminds people that material things are not as important as family. Poverty in some ways forces people to become closer because they have to depend on each other because of the lack of finances, which brings about a lack of materialistic things. It allows people to put priorities, and life in a different perspective.

  • Yes, Porverty can draw family and friends together

    Poverty seems to bring people together, because when people try to save money or survive a shaky economy, they reach out to family and friends or sometimes live with each other to cut or share in expenses. Essentially, this creates an environment where you're spending more time with family and friends as you try to reach your goals.

  • Stop trying to Justify Poverty.

    No, poverty does not bring people close together.
    If you want examples look at the Middle East and Africa.

    Don't try and justify poverty. It does not forces people to go together in fact tempts them to break apart. Marriages can crumble, but they can't afford to divorce.

    Don't try to justify Poverty.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe poverty draws family and friends closer to each other. I think anyone who assumes that is looking at a few cases of happy families that by chance are not as concerned with money as others around them. I think poverty is more likely to rip family and friends apart. Have you never heard that most marriages torn apart by problems with finances?

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