• Yes it does

    Of course power fades just look at the ruins of ancient civilizations and you would be able to notice without a doubt that they were indeed very powerful but they all somehow lost their power somewhere down the road so it is very clear that power does indeed fade sooner or later.

  • If a person was the ruler of an area, but then they left for twenty years and then came back, should they still reign?

    In the Odyssey, Odysseus was the king of Ithaca. He left for the Trojan war, and stayed in war for ten years. After the war, he made to leave for home, anxious to see his wife and son, who he had left as a young baby. Unfortunately he met several obstacles that got in his way of home, including the Cyclops, Circe, and the island of calypso. When he finally arrived home, it had been over 19 years, but he resumed his position right away as king, without doubts that his status had possibly changed.

  • Power Never Fades

    Every person who has ever been in power will forever have the mindset of a power hungry authority. Anybody who has had a taste of power will strive to get as much as he/she can get. The feeling of control and influence is like a drug to the human mind. It can never be fully detoxed.

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simpleman says2013-12-19T09:11:11.900
This is a question that has contingencies to consider before assuming a generalized answer. First, one must arrive at a rendering of what power is. Then, one must weigh the ramifications of power exercised in thus a manner as proposed. If power has no checks upon it, such as is the case of a totalitarian dictator, then the answer is yes, for a person in authority by such means will be at arbitrary odds with any they would hope to have as a constituency. Such is always a derivative of great weakness.
Likewise, one who is only too benificent will often be overthrown by ruthless seekers of power in a coup.
Thus we are left with the conclusion of the Ecclesiasticus, which is a proper time for all things. In this case, there is a time for benevolence and a time for firmness. A true leader cultivates humility as the scale upon which their decisions are made, and measures the scope of their power not by their influence, but by the amount of responsibility upheld. A leader's worth is measured strictly by the service they give to their people.