• Yes, praying to Jesus and the Father makes a difference.

    I have had miracles performed because I have prayed to Jesus and/or the Father.
    Romans 8:28 (New International Version 2011)
    Ro 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
    Romans is also true in this area : )

  • Prayer is communion with God.

    I find it odd why people say God needs us to pray for him, or he just wants his ego stroked, as if he was some material being that acts upon mere worldly desires. He does not need anything, but it is us who needs prayer. This is why were given it. God gave us prayer as a way to not only communicate with him in a spiritual manner, but to spiritually develop ourselves and others. Praying for material things, such as a new bike, a new car, or some money, is not necessarily what prayer is for, so it's ludicrous to expect everything you want appear in front of you, as that's not what prayer is even about.

  • We were created in the first place

    Because God wanted us to be His company, or to put in better words, His worshippers. When sin entered humanity's hearts, we could no longer be perfect and we would always be tempted by evil. God still wants us to worship him and pray to Him for help and guidance during a lifetime of sin and awful happenings. Miracles have happened and are always happening.

    God hears our prayers and He always answers with 'Yes,' 'Maybe,' or 'Later.'

  • Absolutely! If you have had prayers answered, you already know this.

    Miracles still happen. Medical science does get stumped by recoveries that it cannot explain. I once had a doctor literally tell me to, "Thank God -- not me! Everything I learned in Medical School taught me that this wouldn't have happened!" The key is believing. Prayer is not simply motions to go through. You must believe, first. Studies have even been done on this subject.


  • Jesus taught us to pray....

    God gave us the Our Father, why would he have given it to us if it didn't mean anything?
    There was this story I heard, (Actually it was more like an analogy) I'm not sure if it was a parable Jesus told us, but anyways, here it is: There's this woman who's trying to get a judge to let her husband out of jail, which he was put into unfairly. The judge wont listen to her. But every morning really early she'd go down to his house and bang on his door and ask him to let him free. Eventually the judge got tired of her and agreed. Her perseverance triumphed. (I'm pretty sure the original story was different, but that was the gist of it.)
    So I think perseverance is something that is very important to prayer. An example of this would be of St. Ann and Joachim. They prayed a long time for chidlren, they persevered spectacularly. And then they did get a child, they became the grandparents of Jesus!
    But rember, God doesn't answer every single prayer, for example: There's this scene in one of the spider man movies where a photographer goes into a church and kneels down in the pews in front of the Crucifix. He then says something like this:
    "I come here today, humbled and humiliated, VERY humailiated, to ask you to do one thing for me: I want you to kill Peter Parker."
    If one were to get angry at God for not answering there prayer, they would actually be putting themselves above God, in a way. It would be acting like we knew better then God, when really, he knows what will happen if he answers your prayer.

  • Makes a huge difference

    Praying has delivered countless results in my life. When I reflect on the good things that I'm enjoying today, looking back, I can see that the source of the same good things were prayers. I prayed for each one of them, and they happened just as I had prayed for them. So yes, prayer makes a difference when you actually believe in prayer and the God who answers prayers.

  • It Results In Mental Health

    Even though I do not believe that god exist, I still think that the act of praying, of giving your burdens to some being that you deem worthy of prayer, helps you to mentally release stress and sometimes gives you a fresh perspective on how to approach the problem that did not exist before. So, my answer is yes, though only because of the side-effects, not because god exist.

  • Yes, to the individual that prays, but not to the expected recipient(s).

    Praying to a God is a great way to feel like an individual did something without actually doing anything. It is a method used for many millenniums to cope with the struggles of life. It is no doubt that pro prayer has the higher percent for praying is an extremely narcissistic activity for a growing narcissistic global populous. Prayer can be used to reduce one’s anxiety towards the increase of expected responsibility and hardship. Praying undoubtfully works wonders for an individual, but will falsely illude what has been prayed will actually do something for someone other than the person that prayed. It is a copping method, not a way to change the world in one’s favor.

  • Praying Is Never a Waste of Time:

    I imagine an argument can be made that praying is not beneficial depending on what your praying about. Having said that - regardless if you believe a higher power is listening - praying is nothing more than positive reinforcement that can help put a person in a proper and healthy frame of mind as a coping mechanism particularly in difficult situations. In this effort - it is not at all a waste of time anymore than it is a waste of time for a person to pump their adrenaline and ego before participating in a sporting event. Of course if your praying someone gives you a red fire truck for you're birthday - then yeah, sort of silly and setting yourself up for disappointment. But most prayers are not a gimmie prayer. They are a help me or help them prayer. If things work out for the better and someone wishes to give God credit and call it a miracle - no harm in that. Likewise, if someone realizes that the prayer itself somehow motivated them into changing the situation for the better - that's cool too. I think to many people miss the point of what a prayer is. Others don't realize they pray all the time and don't realize it. Personally I think when a person thinks inside there head, or silently talks to themselves - it is very prayer like. I have made many difficult decisions in my thoughts. So what if it has a religious connotation to it. The reality is - prayer is nothing more than conscious thought.

  • Yes it does

    When I pray, I feel at peace, I know I can cast my burdens upon God and that he's always there for me. It's also nice to pray when i'm feeling frustrated or stressed out about something. I know I can come to God and say "Lord I don't understand why you're doing this or that" I may not get an answer right away but I believe God answers all our prayers, it may not be right at that exact moment, but he always answers.

  • No it does not.

    If you are a catholic, or a christian, or any other Jewish based religion, then praying to God is a waste of time.

    First off, people do it wrong. They way most pray is a sin. The bible states that a man is supposed to pray, in a room, by himself, on his knees, and silently. You are also not supposed to let any one see or hear you pray. People get together to pray all the time, and they do it in church. So not only are people sinning by praying, they sin in this way in a church.

    Next, It is a waste of time. God has a "Divine plan", right? So how would praying make any difference? If he has a divine plan, then all prayers are getting ignored. If what ever you are praying for does not coincide with Gods "Divine Plan", then you will not get it. Like wise, you will get it if it is in his plan. I think it's safe to say that God doesn't change his plan's for you. In his eyes, you are pretty much worthless.

    Every time some one dies, You always hear some family member, or friend that is religious say "It is God's will, he has a plan for him." But if the sick person lives, that same religious person will say "It's because I prayed for him." It doesn't matter if that sick person lives or dies, The religious people can rationalize their religion.

    I suppose you could pray to "Save your soul". Aww, but that kind of goes in with God's "Divine Plan" now doesn't it? He has a plan for every one and every thing. Meaning he as a plan for your soul as well. If his plan demands that you go to hell, then you will go to hell despite all of your praying. The same is said for heaven. If his plan dictates that you will go to heaven, then you will go to heaven no matter who you killed.

    There is no reason to pray. If God exists, then he only wants to pray so he can feed his ego. He wouldn't be listening to what you are doing, or saying. Just do it. Still doesn't matter.

  • No, it doesn't

    Praying to a bearded man in the sky doesn't help me. Especially then people who died of diseases, wars, etc tried to pray but this "god" didn't do anything. Instead of praying for a cure, then find one! I'm pretty sure the starving kids in Africa and North Korea would agree.

  • Why would the magical bearded sky fairy help you find your car keys when he could be curing children of malaria?

    Abiogenesis describes how ~4 billion years ago there was a giant primordial soup containing organic molecules similar to amino acids. Scientists have mixed gases similar to those that existed on Earth when it was young and added electricity to resemble lightning. They derived amino acids and other organic molecules that were previously thought to have only come from living things. One of these molecules, the first self-replicating molecule, attracted like particles, and the two split.
    Each of these two attracted like particles and again split. These molecules could be considered proto-genes. Now, some of them had mutations to allow for selection, such as a protein coat, which can be considered the first body. In enough time they evolved into cells, which is a bigger transition in my opinion than that from single-celled organisms to animals.
    The unique thing about animals is that most of them can move. Behavior equals movement. They evolved nervous systems, basically computers, to receive information from their environments and to move their bodies accordingly. Minds and bodies are simply "vehicles" for the "replicators", genes. Selection is placed on genes because they are functionally immortal.

    If you look at it from the perspective of what we know to be true from examining evidence then a different story is revealed. On Earth there were replicating molecules that eventually evolved into cells, then multi-cellular organisms, mammals, and primates. One species of ape became very intelligent and realized that everything dies. Imagine the anxiety this caused. It would only be natural to imagine something eternal and omnipresent, therefore without end, and aspire to be connected to this "being". Thus gods were born. Every culture believed in a different god/set of gods. Christianity, then, was just one of these religions. Why would all of these gods be thought of, and then remarkably, the Christian god happens to be real?

    God is a fairy tale.

  • Africa- Do I need to say more?

    All these missions going to "help" people in Africa don't really help. Giving them Bibles and trying to convert them from their original, cultural, and interesting religion. I guess Jesus gives out free food now? If we continue "saving people from hell," then there will be no other ancient religions to learn and study about left. All the people will be so afraid of their life-after-death in hell, they'll ditch their old religions and come to Christianity. I'm sure many Africans pray to god to help them find food, but he never answers, because he doesn't exist.

  • It Works On The Barnum/Forer Effect:

    If you pray for it and it happens, then you will believe that it happened because of your prayer, even though it would likely have happened anyway. But if you pray for something and it didn't occur, often you simply wipe it from memory, and remember the 50% that did happen only. This is normal for humans and so people assert that prayer works because they can only remember the 50% that occurred and have forgotten most (50%) that did not.
    It's a form of fallacious self delusion.
    Yet religious swear by this self delusion of prayer working.
    Yet as Barnum believed, you can fool most people most of the time, because it is a fault with being human.

  • Absolutely not, unless you are delusional and or gullible.

    This was scientifically tested and it proved to be no better then praying to a cookie. Simply praying for there to be rain and it rains later does not mean it worked. Praying for someone going through Chemo does nothing.

    You can say it helps you mentally feel good. But I rather not take that chance and simply talk to them, help pay for the issues, what ever to morally feel better and to make that person feel better.

    Simply saying "I will pray for you" and doing it later is absolutely going to do nothing. If ti did, this world would be at world peace and everyone well fed and rich (in money and living).

    NO, it does not make a difference.

  • If you want a "miracle" to happen, no.

    My first question is which god? There are literally hundreds out there so take your pick.

    Normally, when people pray for something, and it happens, they cry miracle. All it really is, is just a coincidence. I can pray for something to happen, there is a chance that what I prayed for will actually happen. And then there is a chance that it won't happen. To say praying makes a difference just because what you pray for happened is a leap in logic.

    This video goes into detail with prayer:

    Although prayer most likely does not work for miracles and healing other people( I say most likely does not since, in science, you can't disprove the existence of something. Just how you can't disprove a unicorn or flying spaghetti monsters), it can probably help raise a patients self esteem and moral.

  • No no no

    Things happen. Bad things, good things. There is no god deciding which prayers he likes best. If praying worked, then no bad things would ever happen, right? How could you justify god deciding to let kids die, let anyone die. Give credit to the person who actually solved the problem.

  • Welp nope nah

    God if he exists does not care about your petty problems. No individual deserves that kind of help or service from a divine individual. God never goes to the hood. The hood doesn't deserve god. Morgan Freeman is actually god. Don't bug him he is making more movies to watch

  • Delusions and more delusions.

    Everybody wants to believe in magic, but belief doesn't make it real. Prayer is a false hope and an excuse for doing nothing to actually improve your situation. Prayers don't cure cancer. Prayers don't stop wars. Prayers don't get you rich. Any 'answered prayer' is simply a coincidence that dumb people perceive as an evidence of God's existence. And then again, God apparently has bias against most people, since he only 'answers' to the very little portion of so-called prayers.

    Posted by: dhal

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