• Yes, Pregnancy Adds to a Woman's Beauty.

    Yes, I absolutely believe that pregnancy adds to a women's beauty. When a women is pregnant their body physically does become more attractive. Their hair gets thicker and they get a natural glow. More important than physical beauty, they start to become a mother and prepare to raise their child. This brings out the vulnerability, openness and nurturing traits of someone.

  • Yes, it can.

    For me personally, I do not care one way or another, but for some people being pregant makes a women more beautiful. People often say that their spouse is more beautiful when she is pregnant, for example. Some people prefer pregnant woman in general. There are few people who think pregant woman look fat.

  • No, pregnancy neither adds nor detracts from a woman's beauty.

    No, a woman is already beautiful, just as she is. Pregnancy does not add to her beauty, nor does it take away from her beauty. She is beautiful whether pregnant or not. In many instances, a woman is so happy with the fact that she's having a baby that her inner beauty glows brighter during pregnancy. But all in all, she is beautiful whether pregnant or not.

  • Pregnancy does not enhance beauty.

    Pregnancy definitely doesn't enhance a woman's beauty. Worldwide, the average woman will gain approximately 10 pounds with each pregnancy. It's also a physically exhausting process which can make women look haggard and sickly - especially during the first trimester during morning sickness. However, the beauty of the woman shouldn't really matter when her body is undergoing such an incredible process of creating life.

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