• Yes, Without the present there is no past and future.

    The future is not the past which is before the future, And the between is the present. The present is subjective but for every version of you, Every individual instance of you during every point in time you exist perceives the past but not the future until it occurs and that instance is the present.

  • Yes it does

    Okay I watched it.
    The present does exist and Carlin needs to read brush on science.
    Time was not made by man it exist just like math can exist without man.
    Calendars are different because they are ether solar or lunar. Calender's are not perfect because of celestial mechanics we do not have a perfect circular orbit.
    In the beginning man used the sun, But they eventually realized that it was off and it was different on a spherical planet. They used water and pendulum clock but those are not perfect. They used quarts crystals in electronic watches but they are off.
    Right now atomic clocks are the best time keeping devices, And they are using the perfect vibrations of atoms to keep accurate time.

    Our language reflects that. We cannot tell precise time.
    Carlin problem is that people exaggerate and they do not care about punctuality and disagreement on how much time.

    In the philosophical side I believe God is the creator and master of time.

  • Time is always flowing

    Ever since the big bang approximately 13 billion years ago time has been moving forward. What is time? Time is just what we call anything material that has ever happened. If time is constantly moving forward then the present is constantly being overturned by the future. Present is a purely colloquial word.

  • Present has a point in time does not exist

    Definition of PRESENT - the period of time now occurring.

    But what is NOW? How can you measure this point in time? The present from my point of view is always a near future or a recent past. The word PRESENT was created as a way of organizing the time so it was easier to communicate, To refer to different moments in time. Humans absorb information easier if categorized.
    I recommend to watch the video of the comedian George Carlin "George Carlin on Time", If in a hurry go to 1:40
    I had a random conversation with a client 1 year ago about time and I got to this conclusion, PRESENT doesn't exist. A few days ago I watched this video of George Carlin and I was shocked, Everything he was talking about was supporting my idea, I was in ecstasy to now I wasn't the only one thanking like that
    Let's see what you think

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