Does President Obama need more female speechwriters?

  • Yes. President Obama needs more female speechwriters.

    President Obama is in desperate need of more qualified speechwriters and more attention given to the female population in his speeches. Enlisting more female speechwriters will solve both his current ills. Only a woman can originally voice a woman's concerns and deliver the words in a way that all humans can hear.

  • A person's gender is not a measure of their talents.

    The sex or gender of the president's speech writers does not make them good, bad, effective, ineffective or anything else. A highly talented male speech writer is far more effective than a female speech writer. There is no benefit to speech writing that comes from being a woman. Men and women can bring different perspectives to issues. A highly educated and diversely educated person with outstanding writing skills will be the best speech writer, regardless of gender.

  • Are you serious?

    He needs a speech writer that is good at his/her job. It doesn't matter the gender. At that level, at any level, you don't roll the dice to be politically correct, you get the best.

    Honestly, I don't think any politician should have a speech writer. How are we to hold someone accountable when he isn't even responsible for the words coming out of his mouth?

  • No, Gender shouldn't matter in this profession

    I honestly do not care what the speechwriters for the president have in between their legs as long as they produce good material. President Obama's speeches have focused on equality towards women and as long as he maintains that stance and stays away from sexist comments then the speechwriters should stay the same.

  • No, he needs effective speechwriters.

    The Presidents main concern when hiring speechwriters should be whether they can correctly articulate his message to the maximum amount of people. Whether or not that person happens to be male or female is and should be irrelevant.

    Obama already appoints many women in staff positions. There is no need to worry about whether or not he is favoring one gender over the other. Even if his appointments were all men it would be more important to consider whether or not he was picking the most qualified candidate for the job, after all he holds office to the most powerful job in the world.

  • No - skill is more valuable than gender!

    I honestly could not tell you today how President Obama's speechwriting team is staffed with respect to gender. His speeches are always well written and well delivered. For all I know, he could be supported by 100% female speechwriters. I think this is a no-issue in light of more serious issues regarding women in the United States.

  • No, he is doing fine.

    I don't see how it would make any difference. Obama has always come across as having a deep respect for women. Having a woman speechwriter would not significantly impact what gets written because a female speechwriter would have to work within the same confines as their male counterparts, and would not be in a position to to majorly influence what ultimately gets written.

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