• This is a tough call

    While the threat of Iran, an angry and vengeful nation with much hurt, achieving nuclear technology is indeed disturbing, the US presence in Iran, even as a preventative, is obviously very stressful to Iran, even provocative. The US may have honorable intentions, but it may be doing the world more of a disservice than a favor.

  • Yes, He Does.

    The US has no need to be in Iran right now. Our military is spread thin because we have way too many military campaigns taking place all over the world. We should be pursuing a diplomatic relationship with the country of Iran and we should be steering clear of any military projects there.

  • yes he needs to take the U.S out of Iran

    Yes President Obama need to take the U.S out of Iran. I am saying this because how would we like it if there was someone living nearby carrying guns and weapons and ready to fight anybody. I would be scared on what they want and what they could do to me. We would not like it so we should think about how the people of Iran think especially the innocent.

  • He needs to get us in

    The United States has been talking with Iran since the Charter administration. The time for talk is over it is now time to allow the Marines to do what they do best and find out how serious the opposition force in Iran are. Destroy the current government and an unstable nuclear armed Iran is off the table keep waiting and talking and watch millions die under a mushroom cloud.

  • No President Obama doesn't need to get the U.S. out of Iran.

    I unfortunately think there is a need for the U.S. to have a presence in some places that are not on our home soil. I think if Obama makes it know we are involved and watching it serves as a constant reminder that the world is one big place and everyone is watching. It is smart to be aware of what is going on around you in any scenario large or small.

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