Does President Obama want to go over the fiscal cliff?

  • Obama Wants To Go Over

    Due to his actions over the last four years, I think it is safe to say that President Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. If that happens, he can tax the top earners in America and use that money to lessen the debt and pay for government assisted companies.

  • Yes, Obama wants the fiscal cliff to occur

    President Obama does want the fiscal cliff, so that way he can tax the wealthy. I believe that the fiscal cliff will have a greater tax on everyone from rich to poor. It will have greater tax on businesses, which will result in more unemployment. President Obama is looking for a reason to allow more taxation for his personal benefit.

  • Yes, Obama wants the cliff to occur

    I wish people would get over this notion that Obama is some great guy just trying to get along. He is foremost a politician, a leftist politician, and wants government revenue from any source he can get it. He knows full well the GOP will be blamed for the cliff occurring which only further emboldens him to let this happen.

  • Yes, President Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff.

    President Obama, in my opinion, does want to go over the fiscal cliff. This will result in higher taxes for all, not just the wealthy who are currently paying the highest amount of taxes anyway. It will also result in a massive cut to defense, which I believe is President Obama's desire. This will result in more unemployment and more years of fiscal trouble for our country, and it will put Obama in the position where he can blame his opposition, the Republican party, for "not cooperating."

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