Does President Trump have the Authority to issue an executive order?

Asked by: Ozarkheart
  • Regardless of anything about impeachment or collusion, He's still the president.

    Because he's the president he has the rights to many things such as issuing executive orders. No legal troubles, Scandals or beginnings of an impeachment can change that. It's like having Kim Jong Un suddenly wanting to buy a house. He's an evil dictator but he has the money to buy a house; regardless of what's wrong with him, He has money, , He wants a house and unless he's in some way legally restricted from doing so, He has the authority to buy a house, Same way trump can issue orders. He's the president. To suggest otherwise because he's a little weird is treason.

  • Obama can - why can't resident Trump?

    DACA has shielded nearly 800, 000 illegal aliens under the age of 31 from deportation and allowed them to obtain work permits and drivers licenses. Obama launched the outrageous measure through executive order in 2012 to help children who came to the U. S. “through no fault of their own. ”

    President Trump attempted to end the program using his authority under executive orders, But was stopped by a federal judge. The Supreme Court is now reviewing the case - to determine if the President has the authority to rescind another President's executive order!

    Of the nearly 889, 000 DACA requestors, 110, 000 had arrest records, Accounting for 12% of applicants. “Offenses in these arrest records include assault, Battery, Rape, Murder and driving under the influence, ” USCIS writes in a statement announcing the report.

    Nearly 8, 000 illegal immigrants granted protection under DACA committed theft or larceny, The records show, And nearly 7, 000 drug-related offenses. More than 4, 000 were apprehended for driving under the influence, 3, 421 for battery and 3, 308 for assault. Thousands of others rewarded with DACA committed vandalism, Burglary, Offenses against children and weapons crimes. Hundreds of others were approved for DACA despite arrests for sexual abuse and rape, Kidnapping or trafficking, Hit and run, Embezzlement and a variety of other serious offenses. Fifteen illegal aliens with murder charges got DACA as well as 15 street gang members and two arrested for child pornography.

  • No it can be blocked

    The are 3 branches of Government. They made it so through checks and balances no one could become too powerful and become a tyrant.
    The executive order is something a president can use but it can be overturned. Obama did the ultimate insult to his opponents and made DACA happen. Certain people have been trying to undo it for years but they did not have the power to undue it.
    Trump may be in power but he is limited by laws. He cannot just seize lands and start building walls and break constitutional laws. So the man tried putting in judges and people in office to get more power.
    And groups like the Cato institute and all of these organizations are trying to change public opinion.
    Where did you get your numbers? From the heritage website or from trumps fed website. A bunch of old rich white dudes fund these "institutes" to give them fake data.

    Those two bit researchers fail to tell you how they got those numbers and if there were actual DACA recipients. As someone who took statistics those numbers do not match the data set. If you commit a crime you cannot even get DACA so they must be faking their numbers. Their numbers lie.
    And when an actual real DACA person commits a crime you can be sure Fox news will tell. You for days. Of the 100s of thousands one committed a crime.
    Never mind that one person or a dozen committed crime lets jail everyone.
    Even if you kicked out all of the brown and black people you people still will not accept that you are just as bad as them.
    Rape and domestic abuse the white people? White college students raping women? White people getting welfare and running land grant schemes? Mormon using child labor and government handouts?
    Don the Con commuting property fraud?
    FAKE NEWS, And yet you read the most FAKE NEWS of all

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