Does prison reform in the United States contain adequate provisions for serial killers?

  • There is high security.

    Yes, prison reform in the United States contains adequate provisions for serial killers, because serial killers and very dangerous people would not receive any benefit from the reform. The reform has to do with low-level offenders, and people who use or deal drugs. Prison reform does not mean to turn serial killers to the streets.

  • No, otherwise we wouldn't have repeat offenses.

    I would have to say having been processed through our fine judicial system more than once for felony charges that this is not the case. Our prison/jail system is completely not conducive to living any kind of life post-imprisonment even if one is NOT a serial killer. Our system is highly flawed and needs help. I can't imagine how ill equipped serial killers are that go through the system if they can't even handle "normal" felons effectively.

  • U.S Prison System without Reform

    I believe that the United States prison systems clearly lacks in the rehabilitation department as a whole, not just for serial killers. While there are some programs available to inmates, such as, GED programs and college course, for the most part there are no options. Even with the limited options they are given, only the prisoners with great records are eligible to take part in there classes. In prison it is very easy to be in violation of the strict rules they have in place, makig those classes unavailable to most offenders.

  • No, prison reform does not contain adequate provisions for serial killers

    Most serial killers are damaged people. They are wired differently and do not have the capacity for feeling the shame and guilt for their crimes that you would expect of a normal person. Their is really little in the way of rehabilitation for a serial killer, so incarceration is the only option. Most prison reform seeks to lessen the punishment of prisoners vastly improve their surroundings. Provisions for serial killers should be more about making sure they are never able to hurt anyone again.

  • Please Give Up

    When people in the United States speak of prison reform and equipping people to return to real life, they aren't referring to serial killers. You can't reform a serial killer and any attempt to try would be a waste of time. No one in the world is going to want to live next door to a reformed serial killer, no one.

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