• Capitalism for the win!

    Just about anything privatized works better than it government counterpart. The government hasn't made a net profit in a few decades, if that was ever true of a company they would be dead only a year (if even) later. This is why privatizing something is better. It means lower taxes, a lower national debt, and options between which program you like the most. I.E. There isn't only one kind of health care. In fact most government intervention in markets causes prices for consumers to rise, it is just balancing the ethics of the rise that makes it worthwhile (regulations on anything raise prices, subsidies ruin supply and demand feedback, etc).

  • Yes it does because it offers consumers the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

    I think that we will all look back on this question one day and will laugh to think that we ever could have thought that going private is a bad thing. It does indeed serve the public interest, because it offers the best product at the lowest price possible out there.

  • Yes it does.

    I think that taking things private does indeed serve the public interest. It allows for things to be done in a much more efficient manner and at a much lesser cost. This is something that I think everyone can agree on, that we need to see more of in this nation.

  • We won't stand it!

    No, privatization does not serve the public interest, because typically the people involved in these businesses are only interested in profit for themselves. They tend to be greedy and manipulative and aren't interested in helping anyone other than themselves. Taxes should be greatly increased for these companies as they offer nothing to the public.

  • Privatization Can Be Detrimental to Our Public Interests

    Privatization in many areas related to our governmental structure, is a bad idea because it is giving up control of the public items that we all rely on, and just handing them over blindly to private companies. At the point when we give up our rights to a public service, and it is privatized, we lose the capability to have any influence in decisions affecting that entity we have given over to privatization. We also lose all opportunity to demand important information and without appropriate information, plus a medium to voice our opinions, the public is in fact, totally removed from any facet of the decision-making. A government, accountable to us as the public, will therefore no longer control these services, but instead is indebted to businesses that may have entirely different priorities and ethical procedures. We need as a society to be cautious with the areas of our public interests that we automatically hand over to privatization.

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