Does producing more quantity produce quality in goods?

  • Yes, producing more quantity does produce quality in goods.

    Producing in quantity is the best way for a firm to discover flaws and inconsistencies with the products it produces. The more products that are produced the more chances there are to see the flaws and evaluate how often that flaw occurs. Mass production also leads to the more efficient means of production, which can leave room in the cost of good produced for an increase in the quality of the materials used to make the product.

  • Quantity and quality of goods are two different things.

    When you say quantity, it basically means the number of the goods that are being produced. On the other hand, quality is the 'oomph' factor of a product that would make it more attractive and worth 'purchasable'. SO basically, the number of the produced goods has nothing to do with its quality.

  • No, a great quantity means nothing in regards to quality.

    No, a great quantity means nothing in regards to the quality of a product. There are plenty of businesses dealing great amounts of things of terrible quality. It might mean they have great sales, but it doesn't mean the product is great. Simply put, a large quantity being sold doesn't speak to the actual quality of an item. Just ask McDonald's, for instance.

  • It's The Opposite

    I do not believe producing more quantity leads to better quality goods. In my experience, it is actually the opposite. Quality is usually sacrificed to make production simpler. Goods are much better when they are constructed with care and personalization. Sometimes it is better to pay more and receive a product that is more likely to last for a long time.

  • No, quantity does not often produce quality goods.

    Unfortunately, more often than not, if produce is produced with quantity over quality in mind, the quality of the produce will suffer. However, I think that this will vary depending on the produce in question and if it's used to sustain a group of people or if it's a luxury product.

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